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Should You Offer a Coupon When Asking for Reviews?

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If you have a company that you’re promoting online, it’s not uncommon for your clients to write reviews about you even without you asking them. This is a common practice through which many people aim to inform others about their experience and recommend their favorite services and products. However, you might find especially in the beginning, that you don’t have that many customers. Also, those who did choose you might not always be willing to leave a review or comment about your performance.


Depending on what your company does or what you’re selling, one relatively good option as part of SEO for roofers and other companies is to offer a coupon in exchange for a review. This incentive is great for people who are likely to become loyal, long term customers. By providing them with a coupon, you not only get the review as a testament to your company’s dependability, but you might also win over a customer who will return to buy from you.


This process is extremely good for promoting yourself, especially in the beginning. As you continue to expand your horizons and attract more and more clients to write reviews about you, it will become easier and easier to attract interested clients or buyers, and to make sure that your company is well-represented online without even having to spend any extensive added amounts on your marketing and advertising campaigns.

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