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Should You Delete Your Negative Reviews or Hide Them?

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Any service providers, or virtually any company for that matter, can have negative reviews. If you do, you’ve probably already wondered whether or not you should hide or delete them. The thing about negative reviews is that they can actually help in making you look like a real company with real people.


In most cases, when considering hiding or deleting reviews, the answer is actually “secret” option #3: respond to your negative reviews in a polite and helpful way.


It helps to take a cue from the most polite culture in the world: the Japanese culture. In Japan, if a customer is being critical at a restaurant, for instance, the staff will always respond in a positive, polite and even helpful way to try and solve what the problem might be – even if the client was saying a lot of bad things about the restaurant.


Deleting or hiding your negative reviews might show you as a “better” company, but it won’t help you get better results. However, if your responses are shown below the negative reviews as being polite and helpful, then they will actually disarm the negative comments. Even the most critical of prospects will look at them and say, “it’s possible that customer was exaggerating.”  For some of the best results look to companies like Roofing Contractor Marketing to help with your online SEO strategy.

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