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Should You Consider Doing Some Marketing Focused on the Holidays?

Christmas roofing marketing focused

Depending on what type of service or product you’re trying to sell, digital and offline marketing can both be very successful and helpful during the winter holidays. Even businesses that don’t normally benefit so much from the holiday spirit, such as construction and roofing companies, can still find great  deals and sign up for new projects if they do some holiday focused marketing.


Holiday themes can be used quite successfully in marketing, if you play your cards right. Here are a few ideas from a roofing SEO company that can illustrate this point very well:


  • People are drawn to holiday discounts which are frequently associated with Christmas-inspired designs and marketing campaigns. By simply coming up with such a campaign and lowering your price by 5% to 10%, you can already make a lot more sales.
  • Direct mail campaigns work great during the holidays, as you can wish people a Merry Christmas through ornate cards and fliers, and also present them with your best deals – a strategy that can work just as well in email marketing.
  • Holiday contests and giveaways are also great to attract new clients, as a lot of people actually go looking for them. You can advertise your contests on social media, and use them as a great marketing and lead generation method at the same time.
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