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Should Roofers Modify Their Marketing Budget During the Off Seasons?

2021 Marketing Objectives Roofing Contractor

Roofing isn’t always a lucrative option. During the months of winter, roofing contracts are far lower in number compared to the fall and spring season, and also compared to summer. If you’ve been a roofer for more than a year, you probably still remember that there wasn’t much work last year in January and February, and that, even though COVID-19 hit in the following months, requests for your services might still have been high in number once the lockdown in your area ended.


A marketing budget has to be carefully chosen to ensure that your company doesn’t fall into obscurity during the off season, but that you still won’t have to pay large sums of money to promote yourself. A balanced approach is very important, as you will need to keep in mind that your income is not as high as during the autumn and late summer, and that fewer people will be opting for your services – as well as any other roofing service.


In general, during the off season it’s best to focus less on targeting highly accurate results and turning leads into clients, and more on improving your reputation, reaching a larger demographic and establishing yourself in terms of thought leadership as someone who is genuinely willing and capable to help their clients.  Hiring a firm like Roofing Contractor Marketing in Denver can help you achieve your goals.

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