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SEO vs. PPC – Which is Better for Your Business?

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If you have a new website for your roofing business, you most likely want to promote it. Obviously, you need customers for your business to work, but at the beginning of the road, you may not understand much about digital marketing. Some people will recommend you to focus on SEO (search engine optimization), others on PPC (pay per click).

Well, the truth is that both SEO roofing and PPC options are very good and must not exclude each other.


You can learn about both methods on your own. However, the process is cumbersome and it can take years to actually master SEO and PPC practices. That’s why it is best to hire specialists to make professional advertising campaigns for your business.


Well, in SEO, if you make big mistakes and constantly violate Google’s terms, you can end up with a penalized website. This will translate into high costs in the future, to fix the mistakes you have made.

When it comes to PPC, do not forget that you play with budgets, and Google aims to take your money. If you do not create an effective campaign, you may find yourself spending a lot of money on irrelevant keywords that bring you no customers!

Since SEO takes some time to start delivering results, we advise you to start with it as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can run a Google Ads campaign, until some SEO results will show up.

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