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SEO Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Promote a Roofing Service

Do's Don'ts SEO Roofing Avoid Mistakes


SEO is a young specialization with a history of about 20 years. In such a short period of time, a lot of myths have already appeared about promoting a site in search engines, about secrets and SEO optimization mistakes.

Most of the time, the limited budget allocated to a brand that makes timid steps towards the online environment is the real reason that prevents business owners from opting for related analysis & performance marketing services before sketching and launching their project in the digital environment.

If you are trying to promote your roofing service, here’s what SEO roofing content marketing mistakes you should avoid in order to have a good digital start:

Duplicate content

Out of haste or lack of budget allocated to SEO copywriting services, some entrepreneurs opt for duplicate content. This strategy entails negative effects (even a penalty from Google’s search engine) and can be hard to fix after the site is indexed.

Erroneous indexing settings

Whether you omit indexing the site altogether, allow indexing of pagination or tags and categories, these initial settings affect how the website performs in the SERP.

Lack of metadata and HTML configurations

Each page in the website (or category & product in the store) must have several key elements that convey its message to the Google search engine: Title (H1), subtitle (H2), metadata: meta-description and SEO title. Without these elements, the search engine finds it difficult to associate a message with your page.

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