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Roofing SEO – Strategies That Really Work

Roofing Marketing Grow Your Business

There are essential steps in building a winning SEO strategy for your roofing business. When businesses follow this process, they see real results: better positions in Google’s search results pages (SERPs), increased traffic to their sites, more leads coming through their doors… and even more money in their bank accounts!

Set a business goal

There are many different goals you can have when it comes to SEO, and having  none is not an option, otherwise your efforts will be wasted and go nowhere.

Study your competitors and the market

Next, in order to build a winning roofing Marketing plan for your business, you need to understand your competitors. What are their business goals? How do they compete with each other? What are their strengths and weaknesses and how can you exploit them to get an advantage on the market?

Optimize your website for search engines

This third step to building a winning SEO strategy can be done by:

  • Identifying potential issues with your website’s architecture, content and code (e.g., robots.txt)
  • Fixing these issues as they arise (and making sure they do not happen again)
  • Mobile optimization – It’s important that mobile users also have a great experience on your site; this means optimizing for mobile devices and their unique usage patterns and behavior, including voice searches!
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