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Is your nephew still handling your roofing company’s social media?

If roofing company owners want a robust digital marketing plan, they need to harness the full power of social media. Social media provides a unique way for businesses to connect with their clientele but the platform is in a constant state of flux, and knowing how to wield it can be confusing. 

At the dawn of social media, businesses would post there messaging on their “wall” and work hard to build followers. Now, there is no such thing as a wall and followers are not as important as they once were.

The power now comes from the vast amount of detailed information they have on their users. From a digital marketing standpoint, this means you can reach the exact audience you want. Detailed targeting makes your ads more effective and means your digital marketing dollars will go further.

The platforms have changed. New algorithms have come along. It’s not the same space it was. It’s more complex. But if you know how to use it effectively it’s more powerful than ever. As 2017 comes to an end take a look at some this year’s trends from marketingland.com.

2017: The year in social media

Sharing Social Media

Social media scrutiny

Social media has been in the spotlight for years; in 2017 it went under the microscope.

Scrutiny surrounding Facebook’s and Twitter’s roles in Russian entities’ efforts to use their ad platforms to subvert the 2016 US presidential election followed them into 2017. So did Facebook’s series of measurement errors and ad-targeting controversies, as well as Twitter’s revenue struggles. Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission signaled it is taking a harder look at influencer marketing as Facebook and Instagram try to clean up the landscape and brands try to manage it. And Snapchat owner Snap went from the next Facebook to the new Twitter as Instagram, which emerged as Snapchat’s foremost rival in 2016, eclipsed Snapchat in 2017.

What is social media now?

Given the aforementioned baggage, perhaps it’s no surprise that several social networks made moves in 2017 that blurred the lines of what a social media platform even is. Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter premiered TV-like original shows to lure TV audiences and advertisers. Pinterest set its sights on visual search. Twitter lengthened tweets into more like mini-blogs. And in a major redesign, Snapchat decided that social should be separated from media.

However, as much as the definition of social media is being stretched, the social media market in 2017 was still defined by Facebook — and its rivalries. The preeminent social network spent 2017 protecting its corner and extending its territory, making moves and triggering others that may set the stage for an even more volatile 2018.

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At Roofing Contractor Marketing our team understands the ins-and-outs of social media and the roofing industry. We are always researching the new changes and finding the best ways to utilize the platform to drive leads to your business. Social media is no longer a job for your little nephew, this is a job for Digital Marketing Pros. 

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