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Ready to watch your business grow

Do you Know What Causes your Business to Grow or Shrink?

Ready to watch your business grow

In the 1920s there was an artist, Waldo Pierce, who gave his hotel concierge a small turtle as a gift. The concierge was very fond of the turtle and cared for it as it grew rapidly over the next few weeks. As the turtle grew, so did her happiness. She showed the turtle off to the neighborhood, proud of how quickly it had grown.

One day she noticed that the turtle seemed a little smaller than usual, the next a little smaller still. Over the next few days, the turtle had shrunk back to his original tiny size. The concierge was mystified and concerned. One more day and the turtle might have shrunk into nothing. The artist, Pierce, finally confessed to the concierge, he had been switching out the turtles at every chance he could.

A lot of the time, all we see is what is happening in front of us. We see the turtle grow larger and smaller. But behind the scenes, there is a lot more at work. Being a roofing company owner can be like that. Sometimes your roofing company grows and other times it shrinks and you might not understand all of the reasons that are causing it.

A digital marketing campaign can help your business grow and you don’t have to understand all of the details that are going on behind the scenes. At Roofing Contractor Marketing, we know the roofing industry, how competitive it can be, and the particular challenges you face. We are also digital marketing experts and understand everything that goes on in the background that makes your business grow.

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