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Marketing Your Roofing Company Using Google Ads

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Currently, Google AdWords is one of the most important online advertising tools to bring targeted visitors from Google directly to the website of your roofing company. Business owners often ask themselves questions like “Why should I use Google AdWords?” or “Do Google AdWords campaigns really work?”

Well, here are some extremely good reasons to use Google AdWords as part of your roofing SEO services.

The results are measurable – one of the most important benefits is the possibility to effectively measure the results and to constantly improve the campaigns according to your audience.

Investments are small – compared to other advertising tools, Google AdWords costs are much lower. You set the maximum budget you want to invest (per day and per campaign), depending on your goals.

It is faster than SEO – if your roofing business is at the beginning of the road, the results of an SEO strategy will be visible only in a few months. However, Google AdWords campaigns offer you immediate results, traffic to your website and even sales.

It is more interactive – Google is constantly improving its algorithm to give its users the best experience. Paid ads on Google are becoming more and more interactive, which gives advertisers the opportunity to effectively promote their business.

You can do remarketing – you can “follow” those who have already visited your site or shown their interest in certain products/services, through suggestive banners that urge them to come back and, why not, to complete the process of acquisition.


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