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Is the Hail Season the Best Time to Run Digital Ads?

Roofing Hail Season SEO Marketing Target

If you have a roofing company, you might wonder whether you should try to profit from the hail season and start running your digital ads and ramp up with a roofing SEO company to increase clientele. The thing is that hail is indeed the most talked about stressor that homeowners have to face when it comes to protecting and repairing their roofs. So, letting them know that you’re there to help them out will not only provide them with comfort and peace of mind, but also with a fast service they can call upon at a moment’s notice.


The reason why the hail season is so great for promoting yourself is that virtually all attention is on roofing. A lot of people will inspect their roofs or call local roofers to do it for them. Many will also feel like they are too busy to deal with so much stress regarding their roofs, so instead of dealing with it as a DIY project, they will pass any required repair to the fastest roofer who responds to their call.


The hail season is also a good time for marketing because that’s when all the storm chasers come to life. If you want to help your customers out, then it’s basically your duty to compete against storm chasers and show homeowners that they should rather choose a professional and dedicated roofing service that will actually help them out.


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