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Is the Design of Your Roofing Website Important for SEO?

SEO for roofers website design matters


You probably already know how much a website matters to your roofing business and that it is absolutely essential to have it. However, it is not about having any website, but an efficient one! Is it responsive? Intuitive? Is it SEO optimized for search engines? All these aspects matter to your clients and implicitly to your business.

Is website design important for SEO?

UX is the acronym for User Experience, and UI is short for User Interface. It’s about making a simple-to-use website. So simple that users do not even realize that, for the 2-3 actions they take to get where they want, there is probably someone who has worked for months.

There are a few SEO for roofers aspects that you should take into account when evaluating UX and UI:

  • Is it easy for the user to navigate the site and find the information?
  • When browsing the page, the elements are arranged in such a way that they do not encounter errors and can easily press the buttons?
  • Does the page have a modern look?
  • Is the combination of images + text the right one? (keep in mind that, although people need information, too much text can push them away).

A modern website can bring you extra sales, because your pages will be indexed higher in search engines and your organic traffic will increase.

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