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Is Telemarketing Still a Good Marketing Method in 2021?

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A lot of people believe that, because of the advent of the internet and online marketing, alternative methods such as TV ads and telemarketing are gone from the map. However, that’s far from being true. TV ads are used heavily not just by large companies (as it may have been in the past) but by medium sized successful businesses as well. Telemarketing is still used by a lot of insurance agencies and retailers, and telemarketing campaigns can even be adapted to some smaller businesses, depending on the niches that they want to target.


Although telemarketing is more costly than having roofing SEO company and online marketing do the work, it does have a few advantages:


  1. Telemarketing is like a more direct and effective version of email marketing, and like email marketing, it has very real and substantial results.
  2. It plays into the emotional realm of selling. Telemarketing campaigns reach people directly and can often be used to convince them to realize that they need a product even if they didn’t know they did.
  3. With a telemarketing campaign you can reach specific demographics of people, rather than stumbling in the dark. This approach makes it possible to create highly targeted campaigns and reach only those people who are actually likely to take interest in and buy your products.
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