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Is SEO for Roofing Different Than SEO for Other Businesses?

SEO different for roofing businesses

When it comes to roofing, SEO can differ quite a bit, but the basic principle is the same as when search engine optimization methods are used to promote any other service provider. The idea is to help companies rank high for specific phrases and key words that people might be searching for on Google and other search engines when looking for similar contractors.


In the case of roofing companies, there’s a slight difference in how these campaigns handle local searches. They have to be more heavily focused on locally targeted key phrases that include the names of local cities and neighborhoods. Also, it helps to use the phrases that locals use and to utilize content that targets a broad audience in search of specific services that they will only use a few times per year at most.


These variables can make roofing SEO different from the SEO used for most types of businesses, since most people won’t have any need for a roofing service unless they have to handle maintenance work, or if something breaks down.


Of course, the role of SEO in roofers’ marketing campaigns continues to take up an increasingly more important role, as more and more people use computers and mobile devices to search for the best roofing companies in their specific areas.


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