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Important Things To Have On Your Roofing Website

Important Things Your Should Know About SEO Roofing

Your roofing company does not have a web site, but you would be interested in it but you do not know what information should it contain? Do you have a site but it is incomplete or outdated, and would you be interested in changing it?

Read on and learn about important things you should have on your roofing website.

Pages that must not miss from your website are: Home Page, About Us, Services / Products, Portfolio, News and Contact as a qualified roofing SEO company will be sure to establish.

Home page

The first page is very important because it is often the first contact the client has with the website of your roofing company. This page must provide visitors easy access to every section of the website.

About us

Here you describe your company: when it was set up (the experience of construction companies is very important), employee qualifications, certifications, memberships in national associations – all these and others too are reasons why the visitor should believe you are reliable and choose your services.

Services / Products

This page should contain links to the categories of services / products offered, with detailed descriptions.


This page is very important in the case of a roofing company, much more important than a simple image gallery, because the clients have the opportunity to study the projects your company has accomplished so far. You must not forget to add descriptions, photos and even testimonials from your past clients.


This is the place for articles not just about your company but also about the roofing industry in general.


Besides contact information, it’s good to add your location to Google Maps.


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