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How to Use Google Ads to Target the Right Demographics

Roofing Contractor Marketing Target Demographics


You have probably heard that, at the moment, Google Ads (also known by its old name of Google AdWords) is the largest Pay Per Click network. It is used by very large companies that have advertising budget of thousands, if not millions of dollars, but also by small local businesses.

If you are the owner of a roofing business, Google Ads can help you target the right demographics, all the more so as it integrates easily into any marketing strategy performed by a marketing firm like Roofing Contractor Marketing.

When you use Google Ads, the results appear almost instantly. Once you have invested some time creating your campaign, it gets approved and it starts running, you will start getting traffic to your website in just a few minutes.

By showing your ad to people who search and access your site, you reach potential customers that you most likely did not reach in the past. From this point on, there is a chance that they will contact you.

Google Ads targets the customers more efficiently

Using targeted keywords is a powerful way to find customers who search for the roofing services and products that your business can provide. Keywords represent only the starting point for targeting. You can go deeper and use more specific targeting options, to find the right audience. Additional targeting options fall into several categories: audience type, demographic options (age, gender, household income, parental status), location, language, or even devices used for internet browsing.

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