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How to Measure Roofing SEO Results

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Wondering how effective your roofing SEO campaign is? There are indicators that you need to consult and constantly change in order to get the best results for your roofing business, even consider Roofing Contractor Marketing for better results.

SEO campaigns are the efforts responsible for the online presence of your website and the visibility it enjoys in front of existing and potential customers. However, the results may appear only after a few months, but if they are delayed even more, it means that you need to improve certain things.

Measuring campaign success is easier said than done. An in-depth analysis of the data within the site is needed. From keywords, to organic traffic and back links, there are a lot of elements with specific data that can turn your efforts into a success or a failure.

How do you measure the effectiveness of an SEO campaign?

  • Check your keywords. If your site ranks well for a particular keyword, it will appear among the top results, which is a top priority.
  • Check your conversion rate. Visibility is great, but what really matters is to turn your visitors into customers.
  • Back links are another important factor. If another website links to your page, you may increase your search engine rankings.
  • Check your spam score, as it can drastically lower your site’s authority.
  • Check the number of pages viewed for each visit and the average duration, to identify details related to the level of popularity. Also, watch out for the bounce rate!
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