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How To Keep Your Crew Safe During Covid-19?

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The Coronavirus pandemic has surprised us all, with concerns in absolutely all important areas, which meet basic needs and desires that we used to be accustomed to satisfy very easily.

Now, we are afraid of an unprecedented situation, which we cannot control and to which we do not know how to react. We do not know what the future holds for us and how the things we are used to will change; we are also economically and professionally insecure. Especially in the case of the last aspect, companies such as a roofing SEO company can help their employees in this transition working from home. We are not doctors or epidemiologists, but any representative of a company can contribute to making the best decisions and keep the crew safe.

For example, in order to avoid congestion during rush hours, both from public transport and from the street or other public spaces, it is recommended to reorganize the work schedule, so that some employees travel to work before rush hours, while the others travel after these hours.

Changes can also be made at work: non-urgent internal meetings can be canceled or replaced by video conferencing, the lunch break can become flexible, workspaces can be rearranged to avoid overcrowding, and at least some traveling can be postponed.

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