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How To Increase The Number Of Contact Form Submissions On Your Website?

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In case you have invested in your website, you may be interested in finding ways to make it generate more leads. Maybe the contact forms should also raise your attention, just to make sure you are doing the right thing to get the desired submissions, and therefore that you are reaching more customers.

One good strategy is to reduce the number of form fields. In other words, you should try not to request too much information or ask too much of your users’ time to fill in a contact form. The number of fields on a contact form can drastically reduce conversion rates. At the same time, the information included in your form should be relevant for your effort to generate leads.

Moreover, your business necessities should dictate the fields you include on your form. In other words, you could try and see which fields work best for attracting traffic to your website.

Another good idea is to place your contact form in a good location. Ideally, it should be visible and appealing to users. Also, you could include several calls-to-action all throughout your website, which internally link to your contact page. Have a professional SEO roofing company do on page techniques to increase traffic as well.  And in case you decide to include your contact form on some other pages than your contact page, you should place the form lower on the page.

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