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How to Get Your Blogs to Bring in More Leads

roofers leads magnet seo strategy

Getting your blog to increase your leads is an essential part of a successful online marketing campaign and a great benefit for SEO for roofers in general. If you know how to leverage your blogs properly, you’ll find that growing your following, increasing your online recognition and ultimately, boosting your sales, will become very much possible.


  1. Try adding calls to action at the end of all your blog posts. Instead of just creating blog posts with informative content and a subtle link or two here and there, it’s a good idea to boldly call your audience to click on your links and visit your website for benefits that can help them solve problems like the ones you address in your blog posts.
  2. Use polls and analytics to find out which content is more appealing to readers and particularly to past leads. If you can link certain types of content to lead generation, and then make more of that content, then you’ll already have an excellent clue for getting your blog to bring in more leads.
  3. Comment on others’ blogs and forum posts, and include – where possible – links to your blog either in the comments themselves, in your signature or in your profile. You will, of course, have to read each particular forum’s spam rules to avoid getting kicked out. But that shouldn’t take too long, and as long as you abide by the rules, you can become a helpful and influential member of many online communities and social sites, whose blogs and business will be known to help a lot of people.
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