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How SEO for Roofers Differs from Regular Search Engine Optimization

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In the case of regular search engine optimization practices, you have a business that’s being promoted online, but the business itself might not even have an actual, physical location. If you’re selling products, providing online consulting services or creating internet courses for people trying to learn a certain skill, chances are your SEO promotion will be somewhat more vague, and it won’t need to point to a certain location that your clients can visit.


SEO for roofing companies is very different. In these cases, you have to promote yourself as an actual business that is physically bound to a certain area. You can’t operate in Florida if your headquarters are in California, and even if you had a large enough roofing company to do that, your SEO practices associated with your Florida outlet would have to be very different from the one you use on the West Coast.


Another way that SEO for roofers differs from regular SEO is that it has to be more oriented towards demographics that are specifically associated with a certain area. In most cases, you can pick and choose your preferred audience based on your personal preferences, but a roofing professional can’t easily target younger individuals, for example, in an area where more than 70% of the population is over 35. This can make your localized SEO strategy very tricky and require the support of a dedicated and knowledgeable SEO specialist.

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