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How Roofing Testimonials Are a Great Resource for New Customers

SEO Services Roofing Testimonials

The testimonials written by your previous customers and published on your website are a great tool to establish yourself as a reliable and knowledgeable provider of roofing service and also a great tool to attract new customers and are a great roofing SEO services tools. If your great and trustworthy roofing services are highly appreciated by the customers you have previously worked for, but you are not yet using testimonials on your website, here is how to make all that appreciation work for you in the online environment:

  • Ask your previous customers to provide testimonials based on specific, targeted questions – you might have lots of happy customers, but they might be reluctant to put pen to paper to share their opinions. Make the writing process easier for them by providing questions to answer, including questions related to the way your customer has found you, the features that they consider the best about your services, a feature that exceeded their expectations, their opinions about your attitude towards solving problems;
  • Focus on recent customers – contacting a property owner that hired you years ago to ask for a testimonial might be less efficient than contacting someone who you worked for just a couple of weeks ago;
  • Always ask the permission to publish – this is an essential part of the process, you cannot publish any testimonial without the consent of the person who provided it.
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