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How Many Posts a Week Should You Put On Facebook for a Roofing Company?

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Facebook is probably the biggest social media platform if we look at the average number of active monthly users: 2.8 billion. This is why all companies, from large international brands to the mom & pop store next door, have Facebook pages. You probably have a Facebook page for your roofing company, as well.


The question is: how many times should you post each week? Here are some useful guidelines:


  1. Do Not Spam Your Followers

People who liked your page are probably interested in maintaining, repairing or replacing their roof. They want to read helpful tips and educational articles – but not every time they open Facebook. A rule of the thumb says that you should share maximum 1 post every two days.


  1. Know When to Post

You want your posts to be seen and read by followers as any good roofing SEO company will suggest. This is why you should always post at the time of day when the majority of your followers are online. To find out this, you need to check Page Insights – Posts tab and look at the panel titled “When your fans are online”.


  1. Create a Varied Content Mix

You should create posts of various types: shared articles, photos and videos. Your main purpose is to attract users to your page and keep them engaged. Sharing the same type of content all the time will make them lose interest.

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