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How Long a Response Do You Have to Submit to a Review?

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Whether you promote your products or services on various review sites, or you have an app uploaded on a popular platform where you can be reviewed for your performance, responding to reviews is always a good idea. If you do, your customers will feel that you really care, and you’ll be able to win them over sometimes, even if they previously only gave you 2-3 stars out of 5.


One of the keys to writing an appropriate response to a review is keeping it simple, but saying a lot of relevant things with just a few words. It’s important of course to keep it relatively short – just 2-3 lines at most – and to be very polite and supportive.


For instance, let’s say that you’re providing an app on Google Play, and there is a negative review speaking about the app’s lack of proper navigation or slow functionality. Or maybe the person is just having a bad day, and has decided to give your app a stern review as a result.


These types of responses can easily upset you, but it’s important to remain calm while you write your reply to those reviews, as it will add to your overall SEO roofing strategy. First, make sure that your response is polite, and avoid being overly opinionated or preachy about the way that they can fix the problem potentially from within the app. Instead, try to be helpful, offer positive encouragement about using the app, and express your thanks that they were willing to use it in the first place.

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