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How Important Is It to Post Roofing Pictures on Social Media and the GMB?

social media posting roofing contractor marketing tips

Places like Google My Business (GMB) are considered to be great for businesses that want to promote themselves online – especially businesses like roofing companies that need more local clients. These types of businesses will benefit a lot not only from Google’s algorithm and the many ways in which they can bring the information about these businesses to potential clients, but also through the photos they allow you to upload on the platform. In these terms, GMB and social media are both great for promoting a roofing business.


If you are a beginning roofer, or you have an already established contracting company, it’s very important to post photographs of the homes you’ve worked on successfully, your equipment, the processes which your technicians use, the advanced products you offer and even the trucks you use to get around and transport roofing materials to the destination. All of these photos together will paint a detailed and complete picture about your company. They will show your prospects that you are a serious and legitimate roofing professional who can handle even some of the most difficult of jobs. In turn, people will rightfully realize that a business that presents real photos in a transparent way will not attempt to cheat them.  For more SEO solutions for your roofing company look for https://roofingcontractormarketing.com/.

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