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How Important Is It to Find an SEO Company Specific to Roofing?


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As a roofing provider, not having a proper marketing campaign can hurt your business a lot. Roofers these days are engaged in an extremely competitive industry in which new roofers and new technologies are constantly on the horizon. To keep up with all that, you can use marketing and SEO roofing tactics, however, your efforts will have to be substantial.


Most SEO companies cater to businesses that already have an online presence. Let’s say you own an online store selling candles and decorations. An inexperienced or “standard” SEO service will find it far more easily to cater to such a service than they would to a more specific brick and mortar service that doesn’t yet have a website or any kind of online presence.


An SEO company that is specific to roofing and other similar industries is ideal, because they already know exactly what you need in order to start attracting customers right away. In many cases, they can build up your online presence, help you with LSA ads, improve your social media following and even build you an industry specific website that can be optimized through local SEO targeting.


Such an effort will be difficult for a smaller SEO provider that caters only to online services. However, for an SEO company specific to roofing, it will only take a few weeks to implement and 1-2 months to start showing concrete results that will also withstand the test of time and online competition.

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