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How Important Are Online Reviews to a Roofing Contractor’s Reputation?

important roofing SEO customer reviews

Reviews can be extremely important for roofers and help with the overall roofing SEO performance, regardless of whether they are established or new on the market. A bad review can easily create distrust and lead clients and prospects to look elsewhere for their roofing needs. As a result, it’s important to run a tight ship when it comes to your marketing campaign, and even use methods that are designed to help improve your online reputation.


Online reviews are designed to present an honest opinion about the service of a company. As a roofer, you will want to benefit from your positive reviews, as they present an honest and trustworthy account from a client about how well you and your workers have done your jobs.


Unfortunately, not all reviews are good, and sometimes a simple mistake and an ill-tempered client can lead to a disastrous review. Although you can’t always prevent such issues, as you can’t force your clients to write good things about you, it’s possible to do damage control.


You can get in touch with that client and offer to help them fix the problem or give them a discount. You can also address similar issues on your social media page and offer to explain what the real issue was – for example, a small mistake by a new employee which would normally not be a big issue for most people, as long as it was remedied. The aim is not to be perfect, but to always try to be honest and give the impression that you will do your best to improve your service. That way, your clients will appreciate your transparency and good will.

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