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How Important Are Map Listings When You’re Trying to Get More Roofing Leads?

, Roofing Contractor Marketing

When you want to get roofing leads, map listings can help you out a lot along with other all important roofing SEO services. Virtually everyone who looks for a roofer will integrate their maps into it somehow, since their goal is to find a local roofer associated with their local area. Unfortunately, many roofers don’t take the time to promote their services too extensively, so they are left behind and often unnoticed by people who may be willing to hire them.


The reason why most roofers use map listings to promote themselves is that homeowners usually search for them using maps. The main rule for finding a good roofer is to hire a local one, since they will be able to help you with the specific types of roofing systems and problems that might be distinctively affecting the area in question.


Of course, it’s also a good idea to use map listings because they are easily picked up by users of mobile phones and tablets. These days a lot of people use mobile searches, so it makes a lot of sense to target them with your online marketing campaigns. The great thing about using these methods for promoting your roofing service is that you won’t even have to build your own website. Most times, having a map listing will actually be enough.

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