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How Frequently Should You Ask Customers to Review Your Products or Services?

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Reviews can undoubtedly help your business improve its recognition and sales. However, you probably already know that overly aggressive requests for customers to review your products and services will not generally pay off. It’s just like downloading an app on your phone and having a message pop up once every few minutes asking you to like or rate the app in the store. Sooner or later you might even get annoyed enough to uninstall it.


So, how frequently should you ask for reviews? Depending on the products or services you’re selling, that answer can differ greatly, simply because you are catering to a different audience and client base.


With some products, customers are more than happy to provide reviews, as it’s a one time thing, and they get to have their opinion heard on a big store or website. You’ll find a lot of people responding positively to the prospect of reviewing products such as kitchen appliances and electronics, so if you’re a seller of those items, it could be a good idea to remind your customers by email asking them if they’d like to review.


Regardless of the product, however, and even if you have a patient audience that doesn’t mind too much, it’s never a good idea to be too pushy. The best solution is to send a few emails maybe once every week or once every two weeks with additional offers as well as a gentle reminder in case your customer wanted to review their purchase but simply forgot, or in case they didn’t have time the first time around.  Find other ways to reach your customers at Roofing Contractor Marketing.

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