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How Expensive Are Google Ads

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Would you like to promote your roofing business with Google Ads, but do not know if it is the best solution for you? Do you want to know what the necessary budget would be and what you could get for the money invested? Wondering how the Google AdWords system works and how much it costs to promote a site on Google?

All the answers to the listed questions are key information for any business, and should be apart of the roofing SEO services you attain.

The answer to the question “How much does an AdWords campaign cost?” depends on the industry, the business, the competition, how much time you invest in setting up campaigns, whether you do it through your own resources or outsource.

You can make an estimate using Keyword Planner, but keep in mind that this will not be 100% accurate. This tool does not take into account Quality Score or AdRank, which are basic elements in the bidding system on which AdWords campaigns run. This tool is only meant to provide keyword ideas and an estimated cost to promote through them.

The options offered are among the most diverse, ranging from general keywords to specific keywords. You can try to add more keyword lists and, depending on the costs, you can choose the most suitable option for your budget.


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