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How Does PPC Integrate Into Your Roofing Marketing Strategy?

Pay Per Click SEO Roofing HelpsAs the name suggests, PPC advertising is a model of advertising through which you have to pay a publisher each time your ad is clicked. As a result, PPC ads can sometimes be highly assertive and designed to target specifically the people who would want to buy a product or a service.


What does this mean for your roofing business? It basically means that you can promote your services directly through PPC rather than through indirect means like complex content and social marketing schemes. Unlike organic searches, PPC hits the nail on the head and targets local internet users actively searching for a roofing company, so they can find your ads as soon as they click search.


Some types of PPC ads you can use include:


  • Product ads that appear within search results, being essentially mixed with organic searches;
  • Headline search ads, which show up at the top of the page whenever somebody searches for the keywords you are targeting;
  • Product display ads, which are used for campaigns that require photographs to be displayed on the ad similar to the banner ads you might see on certain websites.


All of these types of PPC campaigns can be integrated with your roofing marketing strategy. The only prerequisite is to hire a professional SEO roofing marketing service specializing in promoting roofing services, who can do your keyword and market research for you, suggest the best PPC keywords to use, draft the copy you need for your winning ads and use their experience and analytics skills to track and improve your PPC ad campaign’s progress over time.

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