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How Does Being Active with Your Verified Yelp Listing Improve Your SEO Rank?

, Roofing Contractor Marketing

Marketers talk about a lot of different methods to influence Google and other search engines to help business owners get to the top of their relevant search result pages. However, there isn’t much talk about platforms like Yelp that create very distinct definitions of how Google, Bing and other important search engine providers interact with local businesses.


If you didn’t already know, Yelp is probably the largest local review site in America. It basically enables clients who have used certain businesses to post about them freely, and many business providers have no real choice on whether or not they appear on Yelp. If a customer decides to write a negative review about you, they can. It’s as simple as that.


Fortunately, just as your customers have the ability to write about you, your business can create a verified listing, reply to reviews, smooth things over, and even get the customer to change their initial review and rating, if they feel that you were helpful.


Such actions can have huge ramifications when it comes to SEO, since Yelp pages appear directly in Google searches and the platform heavily influences Bing as well. So by simply taking the time to address your customers’ complaints on Yelp, you can get your business known as a helpful provider that actually cares about its customers. That kind of attention coupled with the SEO benefits of Yelp reviews can really put your business on the map in a most positive way.  To get more marketing help look to Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver to get your business noticed.

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