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How Do You Need to Change Your Marketing Efforts During the Holidays?

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When the holidays hit, it’s important to have a proper strategy ready to leverage the masses of people doing shopping for gifts, decorations, equipment and everything else they might need for their parties and holiday celebrations. Depending on what you’re selling, you can make your campaign more customized to target the greater number of potential clients associated to the narrow niche of your trade. However, there are also a few general tips you can use to change your marketing efforts regardless of what your business is about:


  1. Plan ahead and do your research in advance to know how to prepare before the holidays arrive. Ideally, you should already have your marketing materials ready and your marketing campaign started at least about 1-2 weeks before the holidays start.
  2. Play on your strengths. If your products sell frequently, like potato chips or soda, then push for more emotional purchases. If you’re selling vacuum cleaners or other appliances that people don’t buy that often, emphasize their value as one-time gifts made to last. Each of your products and services has such strengths you can leverage effectively during holiday sales.
  3. Use discounts effectively to draw attention to your products and services. Clearance sales, small, 15% or 20% discounts and time-limited “buy one – get one free” offers can all give you an upper hand over your competition during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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