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How Do You Know When Your Marketing Is Not Working for Your Business

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There’s one important word that everyone seeking to promote their business online needs to remember: analytics. When it comes to creating an ad campaign or promoting yourself through anything from social media to SEO, analytics are very important to know how people respond to your campaigns.


While surveys and polls are great too, those methods will only help you check on your online reputation, and they won’t always tell you something relevant about a specific ad campaign or marketing campaign that you tried to use.


On the other hand, with the analytics tools you use on social media, video sites or sites like Google, you can target the specific ads or marketing methods you’ve used on that particular platform. These tools will show you percentages of people who clicked on your ads but then clicked away, how many people saw your posts but just kept scrolling, which social media ads were more popular than all the others, and much more.


If you want to know why your marketing campaign has failed, or why it’s not as successful as you had hoped, then make sure you use the built-in analytics tools on the platforms you have, and also try to get some dedicated analytics software that can help you go even more in depth and make the right changes to your marketing and advertising campaigns.  Looking and retaining roofing SEO services might be a viable option as well.

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