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How Do You Know If a Marketing Company Is Successful in SEO?

, Roofing Contractor Marketing

Do you consider hiring a marketing company to help you find more clients? One way of doing this is by creating an effective SEO strategy that will make your website easier to find on Google by potential customers.


But how do you know that the company you want to hire really knows everything about SEO for roofers and other industries? Here are some ways of finding out:


  1. Check Their Portfolio and Compare with Google Search Results

If the marketing company specifies various company names in their portfolio, find out what kind of products/services they sell and try to search for them using the keywords the average user would type in.


If you find that company among the first page Google results, you can be sure that the marketing company did a good job and you can trust them.


  1. They Can Explain Their Work Process in Simple Words

Many so-called experts hide behind jargons and acronyms to mask their incomplete understanding of the topic. True SEO specialists have no problems translating these terms into everyday words and helping you understand what they plan to do to make your website more visible on Google searches.


  1. They Will Not Promise Instant Results

If a marketing company promises that your website will be on the first page of Google search results in a matter of days, do not hire them. SEO strategies take time to show results – at least a few weeks or a month. Trying to hijack the way Google indexes websites (what these “miracle workers” do) will only get your website penalized and mean more work and costs for you to fix the issue.

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