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How Do You Analyze Website Traffic?

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Search engines provide lots of great, valuable and essential data regarding the traffic that a website gets, allowing website owners to evaluate the performance of their site, products, services, their relationship with their customers, points for improvement and many other features. However, these valuable data need to be understood for efficient evaluation – here is what you can find out from your website analytics:

  • Where your traffic is coming from – website analytics provides information about the media channels from which your visits come from, allowing you to direct your campaigns toward those channels;
  • The time your visitors spend on your website – getting visitors who spend only seconds looking at your site is important, but if too many people click on your site, then leave in a couple of seconds, it means that your website fails to provide what those visitors were looking for, so it might be time to revise your contents and acquire roofing SEO services to help with those changes;
  • Page views per session – if your visitors take the time to visit multiple pages on your site, it means that you managed to raise their interest;
  • The composition of your target audience – your metrics will also reveal lots of information about the age, location and preferred language of your visitors, allowing you to customize your campaign to address the preferences of your target group.
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