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storm marketing ideas

Roofing Contractor Marketing offers a complete “Lightning Fast” Storm Marketing Package. Our storm marketing package can be launched in any market within days of an event so you can be first to capture the easiest and best fresh leads… ahead of the competition.

The RCM “Lightning Fast” Storm Marketing Package…

was designed for maximizing the efficiency of your business plan with a new or old Hail Storm area. Target your advertising with our custom marketing packages including Custom “Local” websites, Internet marketing, direct mail, telemarketing and door hanger canvassing campaigns. Order our lead generating marketing services such as Hail-SEARCH Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing packages, Hail-MAIL direct mail, Hail-LEADS telemarketing services and Hail-HANGERS and get discounts on your HAIL SWATHS (Hail Swath Reports show you exactly where the hail hit, hail size, estimated number of homes affected, demographic information and more)!

Customized “Local” Storm Website – Have a “LOCAL” website up and running before your crews arrive in the new market! Our Storm Websites include your company logo, how to contact, local information, and other information so you can capture in-bound marketing leads from Direct Mail, TV, Radio and Google. Includes actual storm video footage (market specific when available) and other local information when available. Plus many more benefits that put you months ahead of the competition when a storm opportunity arises.

“HAIL-SEARCH” Google campaign – target home owners in the damaged area that are searching for information about the best local roofing company to call, roofing damage, insurance questions, damage assessment, and other relevant keyword searches

“HAIL-MAIL” Direct Mail – target homes in the Hail damaged area with a great looking call to action card

“HAIL_LEADS” Telemarketing – Have us call homes in the damaged area (only one client per storm area)

“HAIL-HANGERS” door hanger services – Not yet available in all markets – call for details.

Radio spots – proactively attract business. Be the first name associated with roofing help from the storm

TV spots – customized and memorable “stormy” TV spots are ready to hit the airwaves to attract more business

storm marketing ideasOur package is a professional, highly polished marketing assault that can be launched quickly – giving your company the best chance for the best new leads from a storm opportunity. Call us for details on how you can be ready to strike with a professional organized marketing assault for the next “Storm (and money maker!) of the Century”!!

*If you are planning to attack storms in the near future, you need to have your plan prepared in advance. Call RCM to be ready ahead of the storm. Roofing Companies that call us the day of a storm will be in line behind others as elements take some preparation time for launch.

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