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Google is Testing New Search Results Interface for Mobile

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Google is always testing new ways to improve their platform. The constant change is one reason that is important for roofing contractors to hire a reputable SEO company, so they can stay ahead of the curve! The changes that Google is playing with could fundamentally change SEO ranking. Instead of getting to the end of a search engine results page and having to click to the next page Google is testing a “more results” button in the mobile search which will load more results below the current results. This button may save time and make it easier for searchers to go further down the results page.

Making it easier on mobile to continue down the results page may be a little beneficial for businesses that aren’t on the first page of results but the fact remains that businesses on the first page get more leads.

Google is officially testing ‘more results’ button to load more search results

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Instead of making searchers click to the next page of search results, Google is testing showing more results on the same page.

Google is officially testing a “more results” button in the mobile search results interface. Instead of having to click to the next page of the Google search results, a searcher can click the “more results” button, and additional search results will load below the current results.

Danny Sullivan of Google confirmed on Twitter that this test has been running for the past few days.

It seems to be visible to many, if not all, searchers when searching Google on their smartphones.

Google first tested this more results button in a more limited fashion, but now searchers are seeing this test more often.

Google is always testing new user interfaces.

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