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Google Business Profile Optimization for Roofing Companies – Important Details to Remember

Roofing Marketing Optimization Profile

You should create and optimize your Google My Business profile as part of your roofing marketing strategy because it will help your roofing business be more visible online and customers discover your offers more easily. It is also free, which makes it an accessible marketing tool for both small and large companies. Whether you own a start-up or a business that’s been on the market for many years, Google My Business offers a lot of features that will help it be successful.

Here are the basics for setting up your Google My Business profile so you can start optimizing your business for better visibility.

First, you will have to complete your Google My Business profile in its entirety.

Tip: use the right keywords for Google to give your potential customers the results they are looking for.

Google determines the local ranking based on three factors that you also need to take into account:

  • Relevance: How well your business profile fits with the user who did the search
  • Distance: How far your location is from the user’s location
  • Notoriety: How much your business is known (based on several other factors)

Optimize your Google My Business profile through photos and add specific features and attributes to your business profile (e.g., a catalog of services and products etc.).

Last but not least, constantly update and improve your Google My Business profile and encourage customers to leave reviews on your company’s profile page.

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