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Generating Leads and Dominating Your Market: A Marketing Case Study

Lead Generation Blog

(NOTE: This case study is for a major roofing company. The name has been changed for security reasons, so for the purpose of this blog, we’ll call them, “X Roofing.”)

X Roofing became a client of Roofing Contractor Marketing in 2010. The simple goal then was to help them get found on Google and other search engines and produce an abundance of internet generated leads. Initially, a new website and search engine optimization was utilized.
Over the years, Roofing Contractor Marketing has created and implemented more advanced digital strategies to help them become one of the most recognized names in roofing and help grow their business in their market area and beyond.

X Roofing originally started out with just SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and a new website (we are currently revamping their website again!). Later we added social media posting and marketing consulting. Now, they have grown even larger, and utilize many components of digital and cross-channel-marketing for optimal leads and market domination.
Because X Roofing dared to go where no other roofer went, they have become a recognized brand in their market area.

Here’s the summary of X Roofing’s experience with Roofing Contractor Marketing:


  • Consistently increase internet leads (calls and contact form fills) with quality, targeted leads
  • Have a huge online presence on all internet platforms (desktop to mobile to apps)
  • Branding


  • Not being found on the internet
  • Non-local storm chasers entering the market
  • Non-local roofers dominating local areas online
  • Not being found consistently on maps/local
  • Managing local directory listings and optimizing


  • Website Designed for conversions
  • SEO – On and off page organic optimization
  • Maps/Local Organic Optimization
  • Paid Search – PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • Paid Local – Maps PPC
  • Internet Display and Retargeting Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Social Ads (Facebook and Twitter)
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Dynamic Call Tracking
  • Form Tracking
  • Content Marketing
  • Review and Reputation Management
  • Hyper-targeted Storm Campaigns


When X Roofing first signed on as a client they had very little traffic to their website compared to their local competitors. Back in 2010, RCM’s goal was to design a site that would consistently get them more website traffic from SEO efforts.
Not only did we meet the above objectives but we also consistently grow their website traffic. In October of 2010 they had 167 unique visitors to their site. In November of 2016 they had 7193 UNIQUE visitors to their site, making it their best site traffic to date! As all roofers know, November is not typically a busy month!

October 2010:

Lead generation October 2010

November 2016:

Lead generation 2016

What do the numbers above mean? X Roofing received on average, over 100 targeted leads per month which equals more sales.

Social Presence:

Incredible social media growth! By combining and promoting both their social efforts along with ours, they are ranked #1 on Facebook Insights for traffic, engagement and referral traffic!

Facebook stats for the month of November 2016:

Facebook Insights

2016 Facebook:

X Roofing gained over 1000 new likes on Facebook
Over 2 Million impressions on Facebook
46,820 Clicks
41,000 Engaged social users

2016 Twitter:

X Roofing gained over 300 new followers
Over 1300 Tweets
Over 2000 clicks to website

Great SEO and social presence shows Google and other search engines that a website is an authority in their field – which also is a key factor for keeping their PPC costs to a minimum, and keeping them at the highly coveted top search engine results and social positions.


2016 has been X Roofing’s best year yet!!!
X Roofing doubled their online advertising budgets for 2016 and the return on investment has paid off in spades! Their leads from 2015 to 2016 increased 687%.


Search engine marketing is constantly changing as SoLoMo (Social+Local+Mobile) marketing continues to become critically important for your businesses overall online authority.

What previously worked well for SEO last year – relevant content, keyword rich meta-tags and relevant inbound links – is not enough for high rankings on search engines. In 2001, the main online channels consisted of paid and organic searches.

In 2016 the main online channels include: organic search (SEO), citation management and optimization, image optimization, responsive or adaptive (mobile optimized/friendly) website design, content marketing, conversion rate optimization, inbound marketing, video marketing, video SEO, maps/local optimization, social media optimization, PPC, paid social, retargeting, voice search optimization (Ok Google and Siri), the list goes on and on.

In 2017 it will really take a village to implement and manage these strategies to help you achieve your marketing goals and ROI as the search engine’s intent is to present the best result to the consumer that is relevant to their query.

As local factors, search history, social authority and semantic have become so influential on search results, it’s critical for roofers to integrate all of these components into one strategy rather than developing individual marketing plans for each component in a vacuum. Therefore, the end result is a digital marketing campaign that reaches more users, encourages more engagement and ultimately drives a very high return on investment.

RCM (Roofing Contractor Marketing) specializes in roofers’ marketing efforts with fantastic references and recommendations about our partnerships with roofing companies.


X Roofing Owner’s written recommendation of Roofing Contractor Marketing on LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Recommendation


We publicize this case study to show what Roofing Contractor Marketing’s different strategies and efforts can do for roofing contractors and their businesses. If you’re overwhelmed with how to get the best out of your online presence, let RCM incorporate their strategies and techniques to get you the results you’re looking for.

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