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Best Things To Say To Close More Leads Over The Phone

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Selling over the phone is a very powerful and effective way to attract customers, if done right.

The first thing you need to do is to present yourself clearly and tell your interlocutor WHERE you have his number from. If you do not do this, you will be perceived as potentially spam/ aggressive and you will be treated with suspicion and mistrust.

The next step is to ask them about THEIR INTEREST in the products/ services you sell. If your interlocutor tells you that they are not interested and not even curious… DO NOT INSIST. They are not interested. There is no point in wasting your time with that person. Say thanks and move on to the next call.

When you find an interested person, the “secret” in selling them something over the phone is to find out exactly WHAT THEY WANT, after which to present your product in a way that perfectly fits their needs. You do not have to insist to change their mind. The easiest way to sell over the phone is to present your product as being exactly what the customer needs to satisfy their desire. For this, obviously, you need to know your products well.

DO NOT focus on selling immediately. The probability is VERY LITTLE to sell something on the first phone call. The main objective is to catch the customer’s interest, to make them believe that you have the product they need and to send them your offer. Then come back and try to sell or answer any question they might have.  Look to Roofing Contractor Marketing for more on lead generation for your company to increase sales.

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Why Your Website Must be Mobile-Friendly

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Not having a mobile friendly website means missing out on lots of business opportunities – the websites that feature responsive design are more successful, they reach out to more people and are generally considered to be a token of the owner’s interest towards what customers need. Here is why mobile-friendly design is nowadays an essential feature of any good website:

  • People use their mobiles more than their desktop devices – your clients and customers will look for the type of products and services that you offer while they are on their mobile devices, either from home or on the go. Most of them say that they don’t spend more than a couple of seconds on websites that do not display correctly on their device – having to pinch to decrease size or to make your pages readable on their phone screens will make them look for a different provider or supplier, even if your products are superior;
  • Better ranking on search engine results pages – Google prefers the websites that work on mobile devices, too, and rewards responsive design with higher rankings. A better position on SERPs means more visibility for your website and with it, for your products or services as well.  Find out more from Roofing Contractor Marketing in Denver.

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The Basics of Reputation Management

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Reputation management is the process of learning about the opinions expressed by internet users about a business, institution, individual or organization and taking measures to drive public opinion about that entity in the desired direction.  It adds to the whole picture of SEO for roofers and other markets that strive to gain client satisfaction.

Whenever an internet user enters a search term into a search engine, the search engine will start running an assessment based on extremely complex sets of criteria to determine the order in which relevant websites appear on the results, one of the criteria being the ratings and opinions provided by internet users about the concerned businesses. These complex search engine algorithms will evidently place businesses with good ratings higher on the results page. Online reputation management is the strategy used by businesses to obtain the best possible ratings and to improve the public opinion related to a specific business.

There are lots of efficient strategic approaches to handle the process, the most common ones being responding directly to criticism as well as to praise, issuing official statements, either on the official business website or in online media to clarify a situation that has affected multiple customers. It is also a good idea and a common practice to monitor as much of what gets published about your company as possible.

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How Do You Analyze Website Traffic?

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Search engines provide lots of great, valuable and essential data regarding the traffic that a website gets, allowing website owners to evaluate the performance of their site, products, services, their relationship with their customers, points for improvement and many other features. However, these valuable data need to be understood for efficient evaluation – here is what you can find out from your website analytics:

  • Where your traffic is coming from – website analytics provides information about the media channels from which your visits come from, allowing you to direct your campaigns toward those channels;
  • The time your visitors spend on your website – getting visitors who spend only seconds looking at your site is important, but if too many people click on your site, then leave in a couple of seconds, it means that your website fails to provide what those visitors were looking for, so it might be time to revise your contents and acquire roofing SEO services to help with those changes;
  • Page views per session – if your visitors take the time to visit multiple pages on your site, it means that you managed to raise their interest;
  • The composition of your target audience – your metrics will also reveal lots of information about the age, location and preferred language of your visitors, allowing you to customize your campaign to address the preferences of your target group.

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What Your Internet Presence Says About You

Online Presence From SEO Company Roofing Industry

Your internet presence is practically your online face, it is the face that internet users will see, the face that they will use for forming their opinion about you. The idea can be easily transposed into the world of business – the image that you create and transmit through the internet to internet users will influence the decision of those users to turn to your company or to turn to one of your competitors. In this sense, the internet presence you create for your business will directly influence your sales figures through influencing the number of your customers.

Creating your company’s online presence is huge responsibility – a bad image can make or break a company –, but it is also a process that offers an immense range of opportunities. Knowing the products and the services that you offer, combined with in-depth knowledge regarding what your target audience expects of you and what can engage them allows you as a marketer to formulate your corporate message and your presentations in ways that resonate with the members of your audience, convincing them to use your products or services. The best way to establish your company’s online presence, to transmit your message and to reach out to your target audience is by creating and launching a company website or get in touch with a really good roofing SEO company to help.

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