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Understanding Social Media Engagement – The Most Important Aspects to Consider

Understanding SEO Roofing And Social Media Services

Businesses that have a social media presence need to have a good understanding of social media engagement and what it means. When you sell your products or services to your customers, a social media account is not only meant to show off your business’ image and make people trust you more, but it also serves as a type of customer support and review outlet where people should be able to find real support when it comes to buying or using your products/services and submitting their feedback as well.


Social media engagement, as the name would suggest, is a two-way communication. It basically means that you, as the marketer or manufacturer, are willing to engage with clients over your social media account to address their feedback and problems, as well as to provide them with answers to questions they didn’t even know they had.


Social media is a great place for that, since customers can safely make their complaints and give their feedback without shying away from being honest and stating the obvious. As the owner of a transparent business that doesn’t avoid key issues and provides real life support, you can use your clients’ feedback to improve your business and your roofing SEO services, provide timely assistance, show that you’re a caring business owner who likes to go the extra mile to offer help, and ultimately, greatly improve on your online reputation in the process.

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The Things Most People Look for on a Roofer’s Social Media

Roofing Contractor Marketing Social Media Services

If you’re a roofing expert, you might already know what people are looking for when they contact you by phone. They want to know that you’ll solve their problems, and they want to know that you are punctual, friendly and reliable.


However, these days, with social media in full swing and most roofing contractors using it to reply to questions and requests, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to what people might ask on your social media account as well.


On social media it’s an entirely different climate for a number of reasons:


  • People talk to each other as well, not just to the contractor.
  • Everything is out in the open.
  • The competition is a lot closer – just a click away.
  • A lot of people who are 30 or younger use social media rather than email or phone calls.


As a result, most people will expect a roofer they look up on social media to be lively, relatable and friendly. They want to know they can trust you and that you are accurate in our work, but they also want you to captivate their attention, provide them with satisfactory and practical tips, and give them a selling point that they can’t refuse – something that makes you stand out from your competition.  For great social media services, look to

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Tips for Getting Your Roofing Experts Excited About Social Media

Get Excited Roofing Contractor Marketing Tips

Social media platforms are among the most efficient tools of digital marketing available today, yet they are a tool that not many roofers use. If you are providing online marketing services and you want to convince roofers to include social media into their marketing mix, here are some powerful arguments to use:

  • The opportunity to interact directly with potential customers – the biggest obstacle that roofing businesses are faced with is the difficulty to reach out to potential customers and to interact with them directly. Social media is a wonderful tool to achieve all that – whether in the form of live sessions or just offering to answer the questions posted by followers, roofing businesses can offer help and establish themselves as reliable and helpful service providers;
  • Low costs – compared to the costs of other advertising channels, social media is much cheaper, allowing companies that don’t have a huge budget to tap into its wonderful potential;
  • Sharing stories – social media platforms are excellent for creating brand image as well. Sharing personal experiences and success stories are great ways for creating a personable image, one that invites potential customers to engage into direct contact and choose the brand when they need it.  For more tips from social media experts look to Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver.

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How to Take Roofing Drone Videos for Social Media

Social Media Roofing Drone Videos

Drone photography and videography are marketing tools that are becoming increasingly popular these days and the affordability, combined with the wider availability of drones and the wider availability of professional drone photography services guarantee that the solution is here to stay. Here is how you can use it to the advantage of your roofing business for advertising on social media:

  • Use footages shot in great weather – a footage that features blue skies and sunshine is always more attractive than the ones shot in gloomy weather;
  • Use perspective and close images as well – whenever you want to shoot a footage of a roofing job that you have done (with the approval of the roof’s owner, of course), make sure to start from high up, showing the neighbourhood, then zoom gradually to bring the roof into focus;
  • Find out about the social media platform’s requirements in terms of quality and size – your drone might be able to record full-HD videos, but each of the social media platforms that you want to use has specific requirements about quality and they might not allow you to post HD videos, so make sure that you know exactly what resolution and other settings to use with your recordings.  For all your social media marketing needs stop by Roofing Contractor Marketing in Denver and let them help build your online presence to increase your company’s clientele.

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Tips for Taking Great Roofing Photos for Social Media

Social Media SEO For Roofers Tips

The key to a successful campaign on social media is diversity – the best way to achieve your goals is by diversifying your posts, sharing not only texts, but visual materials as well. Quality is also essential in SEO for roofers, whatever you decide to share through your social media profile, so here is how take awesome pics of great advertising value for your social media profile:

  • The importance of quality – each social media platform has its own guidelines when it comes to the size, the type and the resolution of the images that you can post on your profile. For best results, make sure to find out and to respect those rules;
  • Make your photos varied – it is a good idea to post not only portfolio photos that show the work you have done for previous clients, but jobsite photos, behind the scene photos, even office photos as well. Diversifying your albums will bring you closer to your audience and will make it easier for potential clients to relate to you;
  • Always edit your photos – never share any content that you have not edited and curated beforehand. Check both the quality and the content and edit the pics if necessary – if you don’t have experience with image editor programs, find online apps that are free and easy to use.

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