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How Long a Response Do You Have to Submit to a Review?

Reviews Responding SEO Roofing Clients

Whether you promote your products or services on various review sites, or you have an app uploaded on a popular platform where you can be reviewed for your performance, responding to reviews is always a good idea. If you do, your customers will feel that you really care, and you’ll be able to win them over sometimes, even if they previously only gave you 2-3 stars out of 5.


One of the keys to writing an appropriate response to a review is keeping it simple, but saying a lot of relevant things with just a few words. It’s important of course to keep it relatively short – just 2-3 lines at most – and to be very polite and supportive.


For instance, let’s say that you’re providing an app on Google Play, and there is a negative review speaking about the app’s lack of proper navigation or slow functionality. Or maybe the person is just having a bad day, and has decided to give your app a stern review as a result.


These types of responses can easily upset you, but it’s important to remain calm while you write your reply to those reviews, as it will add to your overall SEO roofing strategy. First, make sure that your response is polite, and avoid being overly opinionated or preachy about the way that they can fix the problem potentially from within the app. Instead, try to be helpful, offer positive encouragement about using the app, and express your thanks that they were willing to use it in the first place.

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What Are the Best Ways to Be Found on Google as a Roofer?

magnifying glass best ways to find roofing SEO services

A lot of people turn to Google and other search engines when looking to find a roofer. Let’s face it, you can’t have almost any kind of business that doesn’t require at least some online promotion. As a result, trying to promote yourself on Google has become extremely essential and relevant.


So, how do you do it? Well, there are a few ways you can try without doing anything too special or expensive:


  1. Set up your own blog, do some keyword research on the roofing niche, and start writing SEO blog posts to promote yourself and aim to rank high in Google at the same time.
  2. Check your competitors – such as roofing companies that are ranking high for your area in Google – and see what keywords they use alongside the names associated with your local area. Locally targeted SEO is extremely important for a brick and mortar company such as that of a roofing expert.
  3. Use a responsive blog or website to target both organic and mobile searches. Also, make sure that you link your social media pages to your blog or website, and that you enter your service in a few local directories.


Aside from all this, you can also think about hiring a professional roofing SEO Company to help you set up a more comprehensive promotional strategy. That way, the entire process will be a lot easier, and you won’t even have to lift a finger.

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How Important Is the Facebook Social Platform for Improving Your Online Presence?

Facebook is currently in use by billions of people. That statement can already act as a pretty good answer to the question of how important Facebook really is, whether you own a contracting service, or you make shoes for a living.


It’s no secret that Facebook rose as a giant even among other social platforms. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are quite large in their own ways, but even they can’t really compete with Facebook’s ability to drive modern trends and bring customers and businesses together. If you own a business, you’ll definitely want to have a presence on Facebook, as it will largely determine how people view you.


Unlike other social marketing platforms, Facebook offers a comprehensive set of tools for business owners to market their services and improve their image. Video ads are the trend these days, but depending on the type of business you own, you might also want to consider other forms of advertising and marketing, including those based on organic content and raising communication barriers between you and your clients.


In most cases, businesses using Facebook are enjoying far more success than those only promoting themselves on Instagram and Twitter. Although the use of a larger plan encompassing all major social platforms might be helpful in SEO roofing strategies, a lot of businesses actually do well even just by using Facebook and no other platform.

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What Are the Most Important Social Sites for A Roofing Contractor?

roofers social media SEO tools

Using social media platforms for reaching out to potential clients is one of the best decisions that you can make as a roofing contractor, especially if your business is an up and coming one that needs more clients. However, being present on all major platforms would be way too demanding and time-consuming, so choosing the most efficient platforms, the sites that can bring you the leads that you need is very important. Here are some of our top picks:

  • Facebook – the platform has an immense reach and today, every company wants to be present on it. Creating a Facebook profile for your company is easy, the type of contents that you can publish is varied and whatever the composition of your targeted audience, they are likely to be on Facebook, so the platform should be among your top picks;
  • LinkedIn – the platform is mainly for professionals looking for ways to connect with other professionals, but it is also an efficient tool for connecting with clients as well, so you should use it, too.
  • Twitter and Pinterest – these platforms are also very popular, for companies and individuals as well, so your presence on these sites will also bring you valuable leads for sure.

Along with the above techniques implementing quality SEO for roofers can help your business flourish.

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Common Reasons Why You’re Missing Leads From Your Social Media Platforms

Why Missing Leads Customers roofing Marketing Strategy


  1. Your offer is not competitive

It is good to establish, right from the beginning, that no matter how well you set up your campaigns, if the offer you are promoting is not competitive, you will throw money out the window. Consumers are much more informed today and careful about spending their money. That is not necessarily because they care more about their money invested, because it is easier for them to find out about the alternatives offers.

So, before you start any campaign on social media, make sure that your offer does not have the following disadvantages:

  • the product or service is of poor quality
  • the product or service is inferior to the competition (functionalities/ attributes etc.)
  • the price is inappropriate compared to the alternative options, or to the value perceived by the customers
  • transportation or availability of the product or service is inconvenient
  1. No customer support

Not all online sales require the guidance of customer support, but its existence conveys confidence and can increase the success rate of campaigns. Even the mere fact of being operative in answering the messages received on your social media pages can make a difference.

  1. Targeting ads is irrelevant

There are men who complain that they constantly receive advertisements for women’s underwear… If you set ads on target audiences that are too general, too specific or misdirected, chances are you will not get the results you want.  If you want great results look to a marketing firm at for a strategic plan.



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