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How Should You Go About Merging Your Duplicate Social Media Pages?

Merging Roofers Social Media SEO

Depending on the type of social media account you have, merging separate pages for business purposes may be possible. As long as you’re the owner or admin of the social media pages in questions, some platforms will allow you to quickly and easily merge your accounts and add followers from an obsolete page to the one you want to continue using.


Sometimes, merging social media pages is necessary. If the mission and scope of your business changes, for instance, you might want to create an entirely new social media page and scrap all the old content you had on the previous one. To do that, platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can help you through their customer support. As you request the merge, a representative will analyze your social media pages and help you get the process finished in no time.


Unfortunately, not all social media platforms support this type of change. On Twitter and Instagram, if you want to switch to a new page, you’ll have to set the old one as private, then adjust your bio to redirect people to your new account page, and possibly make announcements on your other platforms or even create a short YouTube video explaining the change and including a link to your new account in the video description.  For some of the best SEO for roofers look to the professionals.

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Why Roofing Companies Need a Social Media Presence

Roofing SEO Social Media

If you think of the people you know in terms of their internet using habits, you will probably find that almost everyone that you know has at least one social media profile. If you continue the thought process randomly checking companies that you know or have worked with to find out whether they have a social media presence, you will find the same: almost every company that wants to grow and to attract more customers has at least one social media account. This can mean only one thing: your roofing company will also benefit from having a social media presence and have a roofing SEO company manage your online presence – here is how:

  • The social media profile that you create for your company will work for you like a second website, but one that is much easier to manage than your official website;
  • The opportunity to engage directly with your audience – social media profiles are great and useful for establishing a closer, more personal contact with your audience, for establishing yourself as a personable and helpful business;
  • More exposure – social media shares usually don’t affect search engine rankings, but they offer your business a much more palpable and much more immediate benefit: the opportunity to reach out to customers already looking for the services that you provide, in the geographical area where you are located.

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How Is Social Media Leading to New Customers for Roofing Experts?

Roofing Contractor Marketing Leading Customers

Social media and companies such as Roofing Contractor Marketing are constantly leading new customers to roofing websites, and roofers don’t fall short of presenting their services in ingenious and original new ways, while providing prospects and clients with helpful advice to get them on “their side.”


In fact, it can be said that social media is in a way a replacement for the talks friends and family members usually had in person, back in the day, regarding the roofing services they should prefer. In many cases, these discussions now also involve the roofer, who can reply in real time even without the client having to call them or set up an appointment.


What’s best about this system is that it’s happening almost in real time. Most of the best roofers will not hesitate to reply to their clients’ comments right off the bat, and they also feature many new and exciting posts about their services, that rarely fail to have their prospects hooked.


With a well-managed social media account, there’s very little you can’t do. In most cases, you’ll find that even without promoting or updating your social media accounts too often, your work and your skills will speak for themselves, and your satisfied customers will be the ones who will do most of the promoting work for you – free of charge!

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Understanding Social Media Engagement – The Most Important Aspects to Consider

Understanding SEO Roofing And Social Media Services

Businesses that have a social media presence need to have a good understanding of social media engagement and what it means. When you sell your products or services to your customers, a social media account is not only meant to show off your business’ image and make people trust you more, but it also serves as a type of customer support and review outlet where people should be able to find real support when it comes to buying or using your products/services and submitting their feedback as well.


Social media engagement, as the name would suggest, is a two-way communication. It basically means that you, as the marketer or manufacturer, are willing to engage with clients over your social media account to address their feedback and problems, as well as to provide them with answers to questions they didn’t even know they had.


Social media is a great place for that, since customers can safely make their complaints and give their feedback without shying away from being honest and stating the obvious. As the owner of a transparent business that doesn’t avoid key issues and provides real life support, you can use your clients’ feedback to improve your business and your roofing SEO services, provide timely assistance, show that you’re a caring business owner who likes to go the extra mile to offer help, and ultimately, greatly improve on your online reputation in the process.

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The Things Most People Look for on a Roofer’s Social Media

Roofing Contractor Marketing Social Media Services

If you’re a roofing expert, you might already know what people are looking for when they contact you by phone. They want to know that you’ll solve their problems, and they want to know that you are punctual, friendly and reliable.


However, these days, with social media in full swing and most roofing contractors using it to reply to questions and requests, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to what people might ask on your social media account as well.


On social media it’s an entirely different climate for a number of reasons:


  • People talk to each other as well, not just to the contractor.
  • Everything is out in the open.
  • The competition is a lot closer – just a click away.
  • A lot of people who are 30 or younger use social media rather than email or phone calls.


As a result, most people will expect a roofer they look up on social media to be lively, relatable and friendly. They want to know they can trust you and that you are accurate in our work, but they also want you to captivate their attention, provide them with satisfactory and practical tips, and give them a selling point that they can’t refuse – something that makes you stand out from your competition.  For great social media services, look to

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