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Is Google My Business Optimization Something You’ll Need to Promote Your Roofing Company?

Optimization roofing seo tactics strategies

The short answer to this is that if you want your roofing company to be successful, yes, Google My Business optimization is a must have and a part of SEO roofing strategies. But before you rush to create your profile and start pushing buttons you should firstly understand how it all works.

The main thing you need to know about Google My Business optimization is that it shouldn’t be used recklessly by just anyone in your company. Usually this tool is used by experienced SEO professionals that help other businesses grow and attract more clients by creating a more appealing online presence for them. Constantly optimizing information, including your business in the most relevant categories of indexes and making sure that you always use the best pictures and videos to promote your services are the best ways of making sure that this tool is being used to its maximum capacity.

By using Google My Business optimization, one can mainly increase the visibility of a business on a local scale. With more and more companies from around the world offering solutions and advice over the internet, it is easy to miss something that one might need that is right in front of him. This is why GMB, as the professionals call it, makes sure that the most relevant solution locally is also the best promoted one.

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3 Tips For Effective Social Media Marketing

Social Media Smiling People SEO Success Roofing Marketing

Social media can be an amazing marketing tool, if used the right way. No matter if you have a new or an already well-established brand you can still use this type of marketing to increase sales and grow your business both online and offline. Social media as part of your SEO roofing process can help you connect with people and quickly improve your brand’s image. Here are 3 effective tips for a successful marketing on social media channels:


  1. Have a specific plan for each platform you are using. Thus, you need to determine why you are choosing a certain platform, who will be your target audience, what type of posts are best recommended on a certain platform, and how to make your posts stand out.
  2. Being consistent is essential. The consistency of your posts depends on the exact platform you are utilizing. For instance, while Instagram Stories or Twitter need frequent posts, Facebook or Instagram Posts may need less frequent attention. Again, you need to clearly establish your target audience for each platform.
  3. Always be familiar with the trend. You should find out about the popular trends on each particular platform, in order for your marketing to achieve its desired purposes. While following current trends, you also have to make sure your message remains focused.


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Can You Have Multiple Google My Business Accounts for Different Locations?

 Social Media Marketing My Business

Google My Business is a business directory where you can register your business for free. It is one of the first resources Google checks to match user search intent and location with businesses for local searches and to boost SEO roofing optimization for your business.


But what do you do if you have multiple locations and want to direct customers to the nearest branch office close to them? Can you have multiple Google My Business accounts? Here is what you need to know:


  1. You Only Get One Account

A Google My Business listing can be claimed only once by one business. You have to prove that you are the owner of the business and confirm the main address and phone number you listed. Once you claimed a listing, nobody else can do it.


  1. You Can Add Several Locations to Your GMB Listing

Once you created a Google My Business listing, you can add several locations. They will all appear on Google Maps. You can also use your owner account to create manager accounts for each location, assigning various persons to manage them.


  1. Use Bulk Location Management

If you have more than nine different locations, you can use the bulk location management function to set up all of them at the same time. This function allows you to add these locations and verify their addresses and phone numbers in one single action. Afterwards, you can customize and optimize each location listing individually.

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How Many Posts a Week Should You Put On Facebook for a Roofing Company?

 Blogging Social Marketing SEO

Facebook is probably the biggest social media platform if we look at the average number of active monthly users: 2.8 billion. This is why all companies, from large international brands to the mom & pop store next door, have Facebook pages. You probably have a Facebook page for your roofing company, as well.


The question is: how many times should you post each week? Here are some useful guidelines:


  1. Do Not Spam Your Followers

People who liked your page are probably interested in maintaining, repairing or replacing their roof. They want to read helpful tips and educational articles – but not every time they open Facebook. A rule of the thumb says that you should share maximum 1 post every two days.


  1. Know When to Post

You want your posts to be seen and read by followers as any good roofing SEO company will suggest. This is why you should always post at the time of day when the majority of your followers are online. To find out this, you need to check Page Insights – Posts tab and look at the panel titled “When your fans are online”.


  1. Create a Varied Content Mix

You should create posts of various types: shared articles, photos and videos. Your main purpose is to attract users to your page and keep them engaged. Sharing the same type of content all the time will make them lose interest.

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How Important Is It to Post Roofing Pictures on Social Media and the GMB?

social media posting roofing contractor marketing tips

Places like Google My Business (GMB) are considered to be great for businesses that want to promote themselves online – especially businesses like roofing companies that need more local clients. These types of businesses will benefit a lot not only from Google’s algorithm and the many ways in which they can bring the information about these businesses to potential clients, but also through the photos they allow you to upload on the platform. In these terms, GMB and social media are both great for promoting a roofing business.


If you are a beginning roofer, or you have an already established contracting company, it’s very important to post photographs of the homes you’ve worked on successfully, your equipment, the processes which your technicians use, the advanced products you offer and even the trucks you use to get around and transport roofing materials to the destination. All of these photos together will paint a detailed and complete picture about your company. They will show your prospects that you are a serious and legitimate roofing professional who can handle even some of the most difficult of jobs. In turn, people will rightfully realize that a business that presents real photos in a transparent way will not attempt to cheat them.  For more SEO solutions for your roofing company look for

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