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Is Your Roofing Website User-Friendly and Easy to Navigate?

Roofing Website User Friendly Roofing Contractor Marketing

Usability – the set of features that make websites easy to use for visitors – is one of the most important qualities of any website and also one that is frequently ignored by contractor websites, including roofing pages. The reason for this is simple: contractors are business people driven by practicality and many of them think that it is enough to have a website that provides a description of their services and their contact details. However, roofing websites need to fulfill the same criteria as a website focused on e-commerce – here is what makes a roofing website user-friendly and easy to navigate:

  • Mobile compatibility – most internet users look for the products and services that they need via multiple devices, so having a site that works seamlessly on multiple types pf digital devices is essential;
  • A well-designed architecture – users tend to only skim web pages and menu bars to obtain the information they need as quickly as possible, so the format of the content provided on your roofing website as well as the structure of your menus need to be consistent, logical and easy to understand;
  • Short load times – today’s internet users don’t wait for more than a couple of seconds for a website to load – if your site is slow, you risk losing potential customers.

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Why Reputation Management Matters

Roofing Overall SEO Reputation Management

In the past, reputation management was a term used in public relations to refer to the process of influencing the way a group, an individual or an organization is perceived by the public. Nowadays, the term is used with a very similar meaning, but the scope of the process has been extended to the online environment and it mostly refers to the management of the reputation of the same entities through websites.

The process of reputation management can be handled by the company interested in its own reputation or through a provider of reputation management services.  A good roofing SEO company can increase website traffic quicker and more efficiently for a company that has a great reputation to start.  The related tasks are varied and numerous and will include the following:

  • The monitoring of customer opinions across various platforms and websites – being aware of what your customers and clients think about your products, services or attitude is critical for being able to implement any further reputation management measures;
  • Providing timely responses – any criticism formulated by your clients and customers needs to be addressed through polite, positive and cooperative responses. The customers who expressed criticism should be contacted to find out more the issue that has caused the dissatisfaction and to propose solutions;
  • Internal evaluation and improvement measures – criticism that is justified is worth listening to, so evaluate your operations from the point of view expressed by your critic and figure out how you can improve.

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How Does Digital Marketing Work in Changing the Roofing Industry for the Better?

How Digital Marketing Company Works

It used to be that people found roofing services just by asking their friends and relatives. Today, all that has changed, and roofing is a far more dynamic and technological endeavor. In fact, most people find their roofers online, and it’s the digital marketing industry the one that dictates who gets more online exposure and who doesn’t,


Unfortunately, this means that digital marketing has the potential to ruin part of the segments associated with residential and commercial roofing. Just imagine what would happen if a firm without much skill can invest in a detailed online marketing campaign that makes them seem like they’d come out on top.


The good news is that this isn’t happening for a very important reason: digital marketing is not just based on how much the roofer invests in their campaign but also on the feedback of the client. In fact, many times, roofers that are skilled at what they do actually use their clients’ feedback to promote their business further. But those that don’t get good enough feedback will never be able to fully erase all the bad comments about them from various social media websites or review sites.


In essence, digital marketing is doing a great job to promote the skills and resources of roofers who can truly make a difference. Just encourage your customers to comment about your services, and you’ll quickly see the results!

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What Is Local SEO?

Local Roofing SEO Company Strategy

If search engine optimization in general is about how to make your website rank better on search engine results pages, local SEO is about how to make your website obtain better results for the searches entered by your local audience. The difference might seem small, but it is, in fact, huge – businesses that sell locally or provide services in a specific geographic area would waste time, money and energy trying to improve their rankings at a global level, but with the right strategy from a local roofing SEO company, they can direct all their efforts towards engaging with their local audience. Here is how to make it happen:

  • Make cross-references – word-of-mouth is still a powerful advertising tool in smaller communities, so don’t rely solely on your website and on your social media profiles. Telling people about your website, displaying your online availability on your printed marketing materials contributes immensely to the success of your local SEO;
  • Create suitable website design – availability is key when you do local SEO, so make sure that your contact details are displayed by each of your pages;
  • Make your website mobile-friendly – no matter what your geographical location, most of your potential customers are probably looking for online information via their mobile devices. Make sure that your website is responsive and it displays corrected on any platform.

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Why It’s Essential for Roofers to Invest In Digital Marketing

SEO For Roofers Digital Marketing Investing

Digital marketing is the ultimate marketing tool today, a tool that no business can afford to disregard. Most people today look for products and SEO for roofers services online, they order those products and service online and they pay for them online as well. While many roofers think that a practical profession like theirs cannot benefit from the virtual world, they are wrong – digital marketing holds as much potential for them as it does for other types of businesses. Here are some of tips about how to use this modern channel to your advantage:

  • Social media is cheap and very efficient – social networking platforms are currently considered to be the most efficient online advertising tools. Roofing businesses can use them to reach out to their audience directly, to establish personal contact with members of their target group and to establish themselves as a friendly, helpful and reliable brand. The price that roofers are required to pay for all these benefits is still small, especially compared to the costs of other, more traditional marketing channels, such as printed ads;
  • Pay per click will make you pay only when your ads get clicked on – this feature, plus the immediate measurability of success make PPC ads a powerful tool.

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