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3 Ways You Can Improve Your Local SEO Rank

SEO Rank Roofing Services Ranking

If your business operates on a local level, rather than providing your services to nationwide or global audiences, your roofing SEO services efforts should also be concentrated locally. Fortunately, there are lots of great and easy ways to reach out to your local customer base – here are some:

  • Use a Google My Business account – the solution provided by Google to local businesses is free and offers you exactly what you need: more visibility on the search engine for local queries. The right account configuration will put your business automatically on Google Maps and will allow you to add your logo and to receive ratings from your customers;
  • Optimize your website for voice searches – the rapid development of smartphone functionalities is also changing the way we search for products and services, one of these changes being the growing popularity of voice searches. However, to tap into these possibilities, you need to make changes on your websites – people tend to use longer phrases for voice searches, so you should use more long-tail keywords on your site, too;
  • Make your website responsive – another change that has come with the development of mobile phones and that you should address, too is your website’s suitability for being accessed through mobile devices.

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What Your Web Images Say About Your Company

Roofing Contractor Web Design Marketing

Do you know the main difference between a successful and an unsuccessful online business? No company has huge budgets for online ads, right from the beginning of their activity. A large team is not a guarantee for success either.  In reality, things are much simpler.

Recent studies show that for 90% of websites, what really makes the difference is their design. So, the graphic identity, the visual aspect of your business is what makes or breaks the first impression, that’s why it’s best to hire a company like Roofing Contractor Marketing for professional results in design and marketing.

Every day, imagine that dozens of potential customers see a product on your site. But how many other such products exist in the online environment? What is the thing that makes your product more special than others? Why customers should choose it?

Your web image reflects your business, products and services offered. In the eyes of visitors, a good image makes you a reliable professional.

The website is most often the first contact between your business and the customers. This means that what they see will create the image of your business inside their mind. Many businesses lose more customers than they attract because of the mediocre image of their website.

Therefore, if you want to make your business grow, work with a web design specialist and improve your online identity, to project an image of success..


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What You Have to Do When Your Social Media Posts Aren’t Getting Enough Traffic

Social Media Traffic Contractor Marketing

Boosting social media traffic is no easy feat if you’re a beginner, but it is something that every business owner has to learn to do, if they want to use the massive power that social media marketing can place at their fingertips.


Unlike with SEO, there’s no simple scientific way to get this done aside from using some tried and tested psychology and persuasion methods that don’t always work. What you can do, however, is follow some of the natural tips that most experts will recommend:


  1. Inspire and dazzle your following. Instead of trying aggressive persuasion tactics, try to inspire your customers with well-designed posts and dazzle them using your Instagram account.
  2. Also, informing your clients with helpful posts will quickly get the ball rolling and attract more clients, since you’re giving them stuff that they might have wasted countless hours searching for.
  3. Get to know your customers and reach out to them with empathy, as a real human being would. Instead of maintaining an aura of mystery and a kind of thick “shell” that you’d see around most businesses, open up to your clients and their problems, and aim to help them solve everything with or without your help. Your generosity will attract a much greater following than you ever thought possible.  For help with SEO and boosting your online presence, see Https://

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How Can You Promote Your Roofing Company During the Winter Months?

Roofing Company SEO For Roofing

Most people don’t really think about roofing once the winter months arrive, unless they are actually experiencing serious issues such as heavy leaks and built up ice and snow pressing down on their homes and damaging them.


The key to promoting your business during the winter will, therefore, be a much trickier one than you might expect. What you have to do is focus on the perspective of planning, hire a great SEO roofing firm to promote your business. Post on social media and your blogs about the importance of keeping their roofs in good order and clearing off the snow and ice during the wintertime. Also, make sure you mention that they should plan ahead and schedule any roofing tasks they might need help with in advance, since spring is oftentimes the busiest time of the year for roofers. If they don’t move fast, they might fail to even find a roofing service to help them once the weather gets warmer.


By creating a sense of urgency that is actually quite real in terms of planning their roofing goals for the upcoming spring season, you can help people solve their roofing problems much faster, while also dropping hints that your service can provide them with better quality and more advanced solution than anyone else in the industry.

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Can Social Media Ads Truly Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Roofing SEO Company Social Media Strategy

Depending on how you set them up, social media ads can drive a lot of traffic to your website. These days, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook focus on far more than just written ads that promote sellers’ websites. You can use targeted video ads and detailed information associated with your followers and possible leads, in order to attract more people.


The idea is to set up a small piece of content that attracts the attention of as many people as possible. The content still has to be focused enough to avoid situations where people who are not interested in anything you have to offer stumble upon your website, but loose enough so that as many potentially interested individuals or companies will consider your ad.


A well-designed ad can even go viral on social media, and help you profit from the large volume of views that you’ll get. Just think of those viral cat videos and how many millions of leads they could drive, for example, to a business that sells pet food or accessories for pets and animal lovers.


The idea is that there is immense untapped potential in social media marketing, and the new ad platforms that social media websites have these days can help you to effectively exploit that potential, while bringing smiles to thousands or even millions of followers who might click on your ads to get to your landing page.  Find some of the best SEO services for roofing at

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