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How Often Should You Refresh the Content on Your Roofing Website?

Be Informed SEO Strategies Roofing Companies Benefit

Roofing websites don’t usually have as much content as some other contractor websites, but they still require a decent amount in order to rank high in search engine result pages (SERPs) and actually help to keep your business on the map.


As you might already know, search engines like Google favor fresh content. They will be, for example, far more likely to rank a website with new content higher than one with older content, if all other parameters are pretty similar. So, if you update your site more frequently and add relevant, new content on a regular basis, you have a better chance to rank higher, get noticed, and receive more phone calls from interested customers who want you to fix their roofs.


While you don’t have to go overboard, and you can maintain a few static pages that you don’t necessarily need to change – like your Contact and About page – it’s a good idea to maintain a blog or have a few dynamic pages (such as the frequently asked questions page) which you update on a regular basis with new information and advice.


Having a blog and a section on your homepage where you show snippets of your latest blog posts to enhance the roofing SEO effectiveness can be a great idea for keeping your website “fresh” and attracting the search engine crawler more frequently. That way, your blog won’t be the only one targeted, as your homepage will also appear quite frequently among the highest ranking and most frequently updated pages on the relevant SERPs you’re aiming for.

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Taking Care of Your Marketing Needs: Is Marketing During the Holidays More Expensive?

RCM We Can Help You

During the holidays, a lot of things might be more expensive or more difficult to find than at other times of the year. And it’s true, if you want to hire a marketing firm during Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving or Easter, it will likely cost you a little more, and you might also find that some of these companies already have their hands full. As such, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and set aside some capital, if you plan to launch an impressive holiday campaign to sell your products or services.


In the long run, however, these holiday campaigns can actually be extremely profitable. If you’re selling a product that is immensely sought after during the holidays, such as props, costumes and decorations, chances are your sales will go up very high even without spending too much on marketing or advertising. So, imagine how much more money you could make by investing a little extra cash in an online marketing firm, which can help promote your products a lot better and cheaper than, for instance, a television advertisement service.


So, even though a good marketing service during the holidays is harder to find and more expensive, it’s also true that it can multiply your earnings quite a bit, so that in the long run, your investment will definitely pay off.  Find one of the best marketing firms around

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Do you Need a Marketing Company Specific to Roofing?

Good Idea Incorporate SEO Roofing Industry

The main challenges for companies nowadays are marketing and sales, and roofing companies make no exception. To meet these challenges, roofers should look for marketing SEO roofing companies with experience in the roofing industry, in order to meet specific challenges.

People need relevant information about roofing services and products, they are interested in complete information about technology, lifespan, technical characteristics, opinions of those who have already purchased, maintenance instructions, comparisons between different types of roofing etc. .

“I don’t sell anything online, why would I need internet marketing?”

This is a fairly common bias among roofing companies. The answer is simple. Even if you do not sell anything online, you still need digital marketing, because nowadays every decision to buy, including a new roof system or roofing materials, is influenced by online searches. People want to know more about a product or service before they buy it, and if you are not in the search results, you are missing out on many opportunities to promote your products (or services) and sell them.

The benefits of Internet marketing for small businesses:

  • You will find new customers from different online platforms
  • You will position yourself in front of the competition
  • You will get to know your customers better (their need, their preferences)


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4 Marketing Tips for Roofing Contractors

Helpful SEO tips roofing company marketing

If you are running a roofing business and you are looking for new clients, but you are not sure how to market your services, here are some essential and easy to implement ideas for you:

  • Build a website – most people today look online for the products and services that they need, so if you want to maximize your reach, having your own website is essential. You can start with a simple site, with only a couple of pages on which you introduce your business and share your contact details or you can get a complex site that includes detailed presentations of all your services, testimonials and portfolio pictures, obtain SEO roofing services to promote your website;
  • Be present and active on social media – create a profile for your business on social media websites to establish a direct relationship with your potential clients. Share content frequently, provide advice and reply to any comment that you get – the process will help you establish yourself as a helpful professional;
  • Use local profiles – major search engines provide free tools for businesses to appear on local searches. Fill in your profile – it will also help your website rank higher;
  • Use referral programs – offer discounts to clients who help you get new clients – it is a time-tested way to extend your client base.

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5 Tips When Canvassing Neighborhoods

quick tips seo roofing

For both experienced and new roofing sales teams, knocking on doors may not be the nicest experience, especially if there is pressure on them to produce results. Canvassing the neighborhood goes hand-in-hand with tracking potential leads and open the gate for new deals, so if you want to be successful, you should keep in mind these following tips:

  1. Clear up information cluttering up your data

Nowadays, technology help us collect most of the information we need, but you must refine the data you are working with, customizing it to your sales style, or encourage a different approach.

  1. Maximize the potential of your sales team

Know your sales people and make sure to assign them tasks that play to the strengths, because this way you maximize their potential and, ultimately, their success.

  1. Make sure your sales people are prepared with all the information needed, before walking up to a house.

Remember that efficiency comes from the work done in a certain amount of time (and we are talking here about quality work!).  Refining the collected information can help you squeeze potential out of your sales people, which will increase the quality of the services your business provides.  To achieve the best SEO roofing results and get leads hire a professional team of people for your marketing needs.

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