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What Is the Best Type of Marketing to Be Used During the Holidays?

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As the holidays are approaching, marketing experts are trying to find the ideal way to promote their companies’ wares and services. Conventional marketing seems to be out, as trends point to internet marketing as the new driving force in the world of marketing and advertising in this day and age. With COVID-19 further pushing for online communications and a shortage of cash that has already convinced smaller companies to consider going digital, the stage is set for online marketing to become the main attraction before this year’s holiday season (and possibly 2021 as well).


While email marketing is still going strong, social media and video marketing are rapidly becoming more popular. People are using Facebook ads and sites like Pinterest as their main guides for finding rare offers, and marketers can definitely leverage that trend.


More “traditional” methods such as article marketing, reviews and forums can also be counted, and of course, there is SEO for roofers and other markets. Despite becoming quite complex, organic search engine optimization and PPC still remain some of the top marketing tools for businesses to not only promote themselves but also to gain valuable intelligence about the success of their campaigns and about some of their main competitors as well.

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How Do You Need to Change Your Marketing Efforts During the Holidays?

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When the holidays hit, it’s important to have a proper strategy ready to leverage the masses of people doing shopping for gifts, decorations, equipment and everything else they might need for their parties and holiday celebrations. Depending on what you’re selling, you can make your campaign more customized to target the greater number of potential clients associated to the narrow niche of your trade. However, there are also a few general tips you can use to change your marketing efforts regardless of what your business is about:


  1. Plan ahead and do your research in advance to know how to prepare before the holidays arrive. Ideally, you should already have your marketing materials ready and your marketing campaign started at least about 1-2 weeks before the holidays start.
  2. Play on your strengths. If your products sell frequently, like potato chips or soda, then push for more emotional purchases. If you’re selling vacuum cleaners or other appliances that people don’t buy that often, emphasize their value as one-time gifts made to last. Each of your products and services has such strengths you can leverage effectively during holiday sales.
  3. Use discounts effectively to draw attention to your products and services. Clearance sales, small, 15% or 20% discounts and time-limited “buy one – get one free” offers can all give you an upper hand over your competition during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Does Your Marketing Agency Have To Be Located In The Same State As Your Roofing Company

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The most common reason a business needs to work with a digital marketing agency is because of the expertise that a professional agency has. It is built by contributing to a multitude of projects, in many industries, in which they have used various marketing techniques and tools to reach the customers and increase the visibility and notoriety of companies.

Choosing a marketing agency to help you with your roofing business it is not easy at all – especially if it is your first collaboration of this kind. First of all, you need to establish your roofing SEO company needs, and then do a thorough research.

If you opt for digital marketing, it is not necessary for the marketing agency to be in the same state as your roofing company. Although there are many negative opinions surrounding this type of outsourcing, actually there is nothing wrong with it, as long as the agency is licensed and has the right to make online contracts legally.

Many people are reluctant about choosing a marketing agency located in another state, because they fear about not having as much as control on what is going on. However, the quality of a marketing agency`s work should be the same, regardless its location, if the agency is committed to provide quality services. Digital marketing doesn`t require necessarily a local team to be effective, and reputable SEO teams have vast knowledge and experience to handle complex issues relating to local search.


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Top 5 benefits of Doing any Digital Marketing for a Roofer

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Roofing companies` success depends a lot on how they expose their portfolio to potential customers. With the help of quality digital marketing and SEO for roofers services, they can benefit from eye-catchy and intuitive web platforms, as well as digital promotion campaigns.

Digital marketing experts recommend “content marketing” as the best method of online promotion for roofing companies.

Content marketing involves extra human resources, specialists with technical knowledge (if we refer to the roofing industry), marketing and PR people, able to create accessible content to prospective customers. Its advantages are indisputable:

  • Visibility

Digital marketing directly influences the way the company communicates with the customers, as well as the company’s visibility in the online environment.

  • Reduced costs

Digital marketing is the cheapest form of marketing, at the present time.

  • Reporting results

Another great benefit of digital marketing is that it can be measured and reported. Using such strategies, you can see what kind of impact they have on your target audience and you can either change it, if it doesn’t work, or refine it to increase your conversions.

  • Your target audience trusts your business

People need advice and opinions. If you pay attention and time to find out the frequently asked questions that your target audience wants answered, you gain its confidence.


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Does Paid Advertising Help Bring in More Leads During a Storm

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Paid online advertising is used to send an advertising message to a targeted audience that is interested in your services and/ or products. There are several forms of online advertising, including banners, images + text or text-only, accompanied by a link to your website.

Unlike “organic” advertising through search engine optimization services, this type of advertising is paid directly to the provider and with immediately visible effects on your site traffic.

If you own a roofing business, paid advertising can prove to be particularly useful during a storm, when many roofs will be damaged, and finding local roofing services will be a priority for many residential and commercial building owners.

Your ads may be targeted to customers in certain cities or regions, and may target certain keywords, so they will be found by users exactly when searching for the roofing services they need.

Paid advertising can be done in multiple ways: promotion in search engines and sites in certain categories, through Google AdWords, advertising on social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or YouTube), banners and sponsored content delivered on sites through local utilities, email marketing, advertising in mobile applications etc.  Look to one of the best in SEO Roofing services at

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