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What Questions Do I Ask When Hiring A Digital Marketing Firm?

SEO Digital Marketing Firm Roofers Questions

Would you like potential customers to visit your online store, purchase products and talk about them? Are you tired of sitting next to the phone every day, waiting and hoping that your will finally getting an order? You want more traffic to your site from Google and from social networks, but you don’t have time to deal with site optimization personally and you don’t have someone in your team to do it either?

An online SEO for roofers marketing agency can help you increase your visibility in the online environment, attract more visitors to your site, turn them into customers and, consequently, increase your business turnover.

But before hiring a digital marketing agency, you should ask the following questions to a representative and make sure you get satisfactory responses.

  • Are you simply a web designer, or a digital marketing specialist? You should collaborate with an online marketing agency that also knows web design, instead of a web designer who is not specialized in digital marketing.
  • Can you help me identify the optimal methods to increase my sales and reputation?
  • Can you offer me a series of recommendations depending on what I want to achieve and how quickly?
  • Can you help me achieve my visibility goals?
  • How long will it take? Will we have a long-term relationship? A digital marketing company should not be too eager to sell you a website quickly, but to continue collaborating to improve the results.

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Are Hashtags Still Popular?

HashTag Marketing Strategies

A hash tag represents a keyword or a phrase, which is preceded by the symbol #, written in a post or comment to highlight it and facilitate the search for it. In short, by including this symbol in your post, it can be indexed, so that it can be discovered by everyone, even if they are not your followers or fans.

Some just put some words after this symbol, while others really know how to juggle with hash tags and make the most of them. In any case, the popularity of hash tags is so big that they are already a part of the online environment.

The most important question is: Is SEO influenced by hash tags?

In a future SEO strategy that you will tackle or in the one you are currently use, you should also include hash tags. Opt to use hash tags in social media and you will provide your business with more opportunities to make your brand, content and activity more visible in search engine results.

“Hash tag” means network, discovery, community building opportunities, popularity, advertising and heavy traffic. They somehow function as a library where you can find everything that has to do with a particular topic.  Look at for more marketing strategies for your company.


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Why Is Website Traffic Important?

SEO Marketing Website Online Roofing Services

There is probably nothing more frustrating than investing time, effort and financial resources into a site only to discover that almost no one gets to see it and that very few people access your services or buy your products.

The secret of online success lies in traffic, and when it comes to increasing website traffic you need to know that there are no shortcuts. The road to success can be long and difficult, but with patience and dedication you will achieve good results in roofing SEO services.

The traffic on your site is not like road traffic, on the contrary: the more crowded, the better. The best way to increase organic traffic is to follow proven SEO optimization practices. The same principles must also be applied to get more visits from search engines.

SEO means website search engine optimization. This is the process to optimize your website so that it can become more visible in the search engine results pages.

Step 1: Optimize the content of the site

  • Regularly check website traffic
  • Create a strategy for content marketing
  • Write (rewrite) really good titles
  • Write quality content
  • Use attractive images
  • Use internal links

Step 2: Promote it in social media and through newsletter

Step 3: Expand the promotion possibilities

  • Exchange links
  • Guest posting
  • Content Republic


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Do Paid Ads Really Work?

Paid Advertising SEO For Roofing Company

Once we created a website, a presence in the online environment, the question arises: “Ok, and now what?” You surely want likes, you want site traffic, customers – you want all these things that seem so hard to achieve, even with a great presentation website. In this context, paid advertisement comes as a potential solution. But should you really consider paying for online advertisement? It depends.

First of all, it depends on the content of your website. It goes without saying that regardless the fact that a post is paid or not, its success is determined by the quality of the content. If the content is interesting to your audience, posting will generate a large number of interactions, such as likes, shares, site traffic, even if you do not use paid ads, but will take some time. If you want quick results, the best idea is probably to use paid advertising through your roofing SEO company.

The audience you are targeting also matters a lot. In the case of a paid promotion, you have the opportunity to target your audience based on gender, location, interests etc., which is something you cannot achieve otherwise.

Google search algorithms are always changing, which makes it quite difficult to get the desired organic traffic, if you are permanently up to date with the latest changes and recommendations. This is why paid advertising is a method that can help you make your business visible for targeted customers. Such promotion methods can be extremely effective for online shops, especially in the short term (e.g. promoting special and seasonal products).

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The Secret Behind Video Marketing

Solutions Video Roofing Contractor Marketing

Video is among the most efficient channels used by marketers today, a tool that engages user attention for the duration of the clip and efficiently creates contact between the marketer and the customer. Here are some secrets to creating high-quality, convincing video materials and to using the materials efficiently:

  • Tell a story – there is no better way to get close to others than to tell a relevant story about yourself. Your story, accompanied with compelling images and graphics, will allow you to connect to your targeted audience and to encourage communication;
  • Raise attention during the first few seconds – you have only about 8 seconds to convince the viewer of your video to continue watching, so use that time wisely. You can use that time to provide an overview of what the rest of the video will contain;
  • Use social media to reach out to more people – social networking platforms are excellent for distributing your video content and for maximizing your reach. Most platforms allow you to customize the group that can see your video, so use that feature, too;
  • Prepare a video that is compelling with the sound off, too – many users view video materials on mute, so use graphics and easy to understand images in your videos.

For help with your online presence, search out the professionals at Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver.

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