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How Does Being Active with Your Verified Yelp Listing Improve Your SEO Rank?

Marketers talk about a lot of different methods to influence Google and other search engines to help business owners get to the top of their relevant search result pages. However, there isn’t much talk about platforms like Yelp that create very distinct definitions of how Google, Bing and other important search engine providers interact with local businesses.


If you didn’t already know, Yelp is probably the largest local review site in America. It basically enables clients who have used certain businesses to post about them freely, and many business providers have no real choice on whether or not they appear on Yelp. If a customer decides to write a negative review about you, they can. It’s as simple as that.


Fortunately, just as your customers have the ability to write about you, your business can create a verified listing, reply to reviews, smooth things over, and even get the customer to change their initial review and rating, if they feel that you were helpful.


Such actions can have huge ramifications when it comes to SEO, since Yelp pages appear directly in Google searches and the platform heavily influences Bing as well. So by simply taking the time to address your customers’ complaints on Yelp, you can get your business known as a helpful provider that actually cares about its customers. That kind of attention coupled with the SEO benefits of Yelp reviews can really put your business on the map in a most positive way.  To get more marketing help look to Roofing Contractor Marketing of Denver to get your business noticed.

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What Are the 3 Fastest Things You Can Do to Find a Dependable Marketing Firm?


There are many marketing companies to choose from, but not all of them are legitimate and dependable, and sometimes you need to find them as quickly as possible. The following list of tips should really help you out in this regard:


  1. Voice command on your smartphone: This is probably the fastest way of all. Depending on whether you have an Android or Apple smartphone, you can simply talk into your phone requesting a list of local marketing companies in your area, and you’ll already have a few listings to work with.
  2. You can do the same while browsing the internet. This option can allow you greater freedom to search on multiple platforms and search engines using the browser of your choice. These days, you don’t even need to be close to a computer, since your smartphone or tablet can do all the work while you’re on the go.
  3. Coworkers and business partners can tell you about some of the best marketing companies you can use. The great thing about this option is that you already have a detailed and trustworthy testimonial to go on. The research process will likely be shorter, and by choosing a company like that your colleague – and possibly your friend – has recommended, you know you won’t be fooled.

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What Are 3 of the Biggest Red Flags When You’re Interviewing Marketing Companies?

Marketing Business Opportunities SEO Roofing Company

Hiring a marketing company has never been easier. In this day and age just about everyone claims to be an expert in SEO and online marketing, and business owners are often duped into believing those claims. While there are many reliable, a great roofing SEO company that help you promote your business, you’ll also find some real red flags when it comes to detecting those that are not at all legitimate:


  1. They could ask for a lot of money for the services they perform, and some of them will even ask for a significant amount in advance. This is not standard practice, so you should definitely be suspicious of their intent. There are many cases when scammers use this technique to get a quick buck and then disappear.
  2. Asking for exaggerated amounts of money in exchange for basic online services is also a common malpractice – especially when they suspect that you don’t know much about computers. When a marketing firm claims that they have the ultimate new marketing technique guaranteed to bring you millions of views and likes on every platform, you should consider it a huge red flag.
  3. Finally, the third red flag is when a marketing company is unwilling to disclose some of their practices. This is usually a bigger problem than just losing a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars, since some companies use aggressive or what is known as “black hat” online marketing techniques which can severely damage your company’s reputation.

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When Is It the Right Time to Start Advertising for a Roof Replacement?

Roofing Contractor Marketing Paid Organic Search Results

It’s not a bad idea to start advertising your business, and when you have to compete with other roofing companies to get close to your clients, it is definitely a good idea to begin as early as possible.


Of course, advertising and marketing doesn’t come easy. Even if you’re used to the concept of advertising that was dominant 20 years ago, you’ll find that a lot has changed since then. Not only is it true that online marketing is now the most prevalent form of promotion available, but regular advertising methods like TV and radio ads are considered overpriced and irrelevant these days.


The right time to start advertising for roof replacement in your area is right now. Using online platforms and methods, including everything from commenting on local blogs to PPC advertisement, social media ads and email marketing, you can not only gain a following, but target your audience very precisely with a very affordable online advertisement campaign.


What you can do is use these platforms in exchange for a very low fee and even have enough money to hire a professional marketing company like Roofing Contractor Marketing that will help you set up your ad campaign and become highly successful running a roofing company with lots of new customers all around your area.

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Do Most Roofers Offer a Dependable Guarantee on Leads?

client leads offers referral bonus

When you become a client for a high profile roofing company, it’s important that you can enjoy some form of guarantee that they can provide you with. Before signing anything or even accepting a roof inspection, it is very important to talk to the roofer about your guarantee and make sure that they can deliver consistently.


A roofing guarantee or warranty is designed to provide the client with some form of assurance that the work that’s being done will be performed in a legitimate and standardized way. Although most warranties cannot account for unexpected problems or damage that occurs as a result of a natural calamity (you have insurance for that), they can for example, protect you in the event that your contractor does their job poorly or one of the roofing products was flawed from the start.


Many roofers don’t offer a reliable guarantee, although some do. They are the ones to watch for, as they can provide you with proof of their legitimacy, and they also have everything it takes to tackle most of the more difficult jobs. So make sure that, when you do your research, you look for roofing experts who can offer a guarantee on leads that you can use.  Most roofing companies incorporate offers as part of their roofing SEO tactics to increase their client base, and show appreciation for their customers.

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