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Why You Should Make Volunteering Part of Your Marketing Plan

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Establishing a recognizable brand image is no longer the only goal that companies, small and large alike, need to attain to be really successful – modern audiences prefer brands that are also involved in the life of their communities. Volunteerism has therefore become more than an activity to help local communities (though it is unarguably the most important goal of any volunteer activity), but also a powerful tool to reach out to your customers. Here are some of the ways that volunteer work can help with your marketing efforts:

  • Giving back to your community – if you have a business that relies on local customers, you surely own your success to your community. Volunteer work is like thanking your community for your success and it is a rewarding experience on its own;
  • A way to engage your partners and consumers and to get to know each other – involving your customers and business partners into your volunteer work is an excellent opportunity to get to know them personally and to add a personal touch to your brand;
  • Promoting your volunteer efforts – you can let your community about your volunteering activity through an article in your local newspaper, through a press release or by announcing it on social media and on your website. Use the activity to help with your marketing effort, but don’t brag – a modest and humorous announcement will surely get you new customers.  Look to Roofing Contractor Marketing at https://www.roofingcontractormarketing.com/ for all your website marketing services.

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Why You Should Be Collecting Leads’ Emails

Tactics Strategy Email SEO Roofers Marketing

The methods and channels that you can use in your SEO for roofers digital marketing strategy are varied, email marketing being one of the most efficient components of any mix. Email marketing relies on email leads – the people who share their contact information with you and who accept to receive marketing communication from you. Why these leads are so important because they are the people who have already expressed a positive attitude towards your products or services, therefore the people that you can more easily turn into loyal customers.

Building an efficient email list is not very difficult, but it takes time – here are some tips:

  • Identify your ideal customer and your target group – develop an accurate profile of your buyer persona and tailor your email campaign based on what that ideal persona resonates with;
  • Offer your leads something valuable – it does not have to be something of actual material value; it can also be something that solves a problem that your potential clients might be faced with;
  • Keep your leads engaged – make sure to send emails regularly, but not too frequently. Create engaging, interesting and relevant content for your leads, but don’t overdo it – if your emails are too long or if they are sent too frequently, your leads might lose interest and unsubscribe.

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Tips for Creating More Video Content

SEO Roofing Marketing Video

A picture speaks volumes and it is a hundred times true for video content: a short video material, of only a couple of minutes, can be a more convincing tool in your marketing campaign than a thousand ads. In 2019, video materials made up around 80% of all content accessed on the internet and videos are known to generate about 1200% more shares than text content. If you have not used video content in your online SEO roofing marketing campaigns before, here are some tips for you:

  • Use well-formulated titles – make sure they are informative and comprise a maximum of 60 characters (that is the maximum length displayed on video sharing platforms);
  • Add a link to your website – your video description should not be longer than 70 characters and should include the link to your company website;
  • Optimize your videos for mobile devices – smartphones and other mobile devices are today more frequently used for viewing content on the internet. This means that mobile users are an audience that you can’t disregard;
  • Provide a transcript – transcribe your videos and offer the text to your visitors; that way, they can skim through it and decide whether they want to watch your video. Your visitors will appreciate the gesture.

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Questions You Should Ask Your Marketing Agency Before Hiring Them

Ask The Right Questions Marketing Firm Help

Finding the perfect marketing partner, an agency that listens to you and understands your goals and preferences can be an overwhelming task and the quality of the services provided by your agency can make or break your marketing efforts. To make sure that the agency you are considering is the best for you, indeed, here are some topics to explore during the preliminary meetings:

  • The industries, markets and companies that the agency serves – each market and each industry poses specific challenges, so it is a good idea to work with an agency that has worked with companies in your industry segment. Make sure to find out whether the agency you are considering has the right type of track record;
  • Financial aspects –before you sign the contract with the agency, you need to know exactly what you will be paying for;
  • Reports and metrics – knowing how the agency measures the efficiency of the campaign implemented and how you will be kept informed about those measurements is also essential to be able to make an informed decision;
  • Problem management – a good agency has a protocol for handling complaints, so find out how they handle any negative criticism coming from your side.

If you are looking for a great Marketing Firm try https://www.roofingcontractormarketing.com/.

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How Digital Ads Can Drive Local Business

SEO Online Marketing Roofing Business

As an advertiser, the two major advertising solutions that you have are traditional advertising and digital strategies to improve your overall SEO roofing marketing techniques. Here are the benefits of the latter solution:

  • Cost efficiency – this aspect is important for companies of any size, for large corporations as well as for small, local firms on a tight budget. Digital advertising offers lots of affordable solutions and there are tools that can be used for free;
  • Maximizing your reach easily – sharing information is another one of the features that make digital ads so efficient. If you create a great ad, it will be shared by lots of internet users and it can go viral overnight;
  • You can speak to your targeted audience directly – you can use social media platforms to target your ads toward your specific target audience;
  • Complete control over the process – with digital advertising, you have access to important metrics that you can use to monitor how successful your ads are. The feature allows you to identify successful and unsuccessful campaign elements, so you can customize and adjust your campaign any time you want. The analytical tools will also provide valuable information about the internet users who interact with your ads, allowing you to adjust the description of your ideal audience as well.

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